Sunday, 1 May 2016


I realize I have sort of fallen off the blog radar, so sorry for the absence!

It has been a busy spring in my house for a variety of reasons, spring cleaning inside and out, home renos, and all that those things entail.

I do have some finishes to share..............

Papa Lumberjack socks are finally a hospital ER........that story follows!

One of my quilting groups has an annual UFO challenge, where at the beginning of the year you list 12 UFO`s you want to complete this year. I have been successful so far in accomplishing my goals, some are finishes, some are just progress.

Above is March`s project, from a class last fall called Patchwork Play by Margie Davidson. Quite outside my comfort zone but it is complete|

This a very old UFO that was not on the list but has been sandwiched for a long time. It got dragged to retreat a few weekends ago where I completed most of the quilting. My motivation was to practice some feathers, which I did with some success in those wide yellow borders. 
I am hoping it will go camping with a certain someone this summer.

Chandelier was February`s UFO and I did get the top pieced on time. It went to my friend Judy`s to be quilted, she is a new local long arm quilter, who did a fantastic job! 

Baby panel donation quilt also got quilted at retreat.

This was April`s UFO, piecing completed at retreat. It is now hanging out at Carole`s waiting it`s turn to be quilted.

 And now the story of the trip to the ER...............
This deck is one of our home reno projects, we thought we just needed to replace the decking but soon discovered the whole lower portion was rotten as well. 

Last Friday morning we had this.....

Friday early afternoon we had this.....

Friday evening we were here.............

He was told it was just soft tissue damage (he dropped our utility trailer hitch on it, while getting it out of storage so we could pick up lumber), and to stay off it for a week.
Within 5 minutes they heard from the ortho guy, nope he had broken his second metatarsal on the right foot and we needed to see him the next morning in the hospital 200 km from us.

So we were here waiting by that lovely sign by 8:30 the next morning. A CT scan was necessary to see if it needed to be surgically repaired.  Then we waited....and waited......and knit, and read.......and waited, he wasn`t allowed food or I had to sneak out and find myself some food.............I finished the above mentioned sock and we finally got to see the surgeon. I knit over half that sock between the two ER`s!
That toque is also a finished project, he loves it and was wearing it every day before our current heat wave. 

Thankfully it did not need surgery and he is sporting that lovely footwear for the next 6 weeks. We did have to have it x-ray`d again a few days ago and we await the final surgery decision this week. 
Thanks to wonderful friends the deck in now very near completion and the lawn in mowed!

I have completed or am working on a couple of other projects destined to be gifts as well so overall, despite the crazy sleep deprived weekend last weekend and all of life`s demands, I have not been unproductive in my absence!

Friday, 25 March 2016


I thought it would be fun to document the adventures of my socks as they traveled around Belize a few weeks ago, kind of like the flat Stanley kids sent traveling around.

The adventure began with getting my knitting through security, so I switched from my favourite metal needles to bamboo and it was a breeze!

I cast the Mama Lumberjack on during a nasty overnight layover in the Houston airport (NEVER again!) but it was 4am so the thought to take a snap didn't occur to me!

 Our first full day on Caye Caulker it poured rain so we sat on our little deck, enjoyed the view and watched the more adventurous few go by. I was very tempted to bring them snorkeling the next day but decided I didn't need them to get wet riding in the boat.

After a few days we moved on, so they got a little attention as we waited for the water taxi to take us on to our next stop.

We next hopped on a very old Bluebird school bus for the three hour 135km ride up to Corozol, which is only about 15km from the Mexican border.
It was a snug fit for a tall adult!

Our first day to actually sit out and soak up some sun. The water was quite warm here and only got to waste deep until you hit where the water colour changes. I rarely swim in pools while on vacation but the sea was so warm you had to to get cooled off!

We spent a few days exploring the area and experiencing the "wildlife", 

which included the resort's pet coatimudi, and a tarantula we encountered walking home one evening. 

Next we travelled the bus route in reverse and spent overnight in the quirkiest B&B. Looking completely Caribbean on the outside but was this wild combination of Caribbean coloured walls and old English decor.

More rain so we sat on their little upper deck and bird watched. 

On to Hopkins Village, where we encountered more rain!

Almost done the first pair!

Just hanging out between rain showers,

Enjoying a momentary bit of sunshine!

Oh, how Papa Lumberjack loved to wrestle crocs!

And cruise the countryside!

All that rain brought a lot of humidity and the yarn and needles became so sticky I had to read my magazines instead. 

Here we are back in the Belize City airport awaiting our flight to Houston, we thankfully had a few hours to recover from our nauseating flight on a VERY small plane from Dangriga........almost didn't want to get on the next one!

Sadly driving home....

Despite all the rain, we really did enjoy our two week Latitude Adjustment.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Finished..........or almost

Life has slowed down a bit this last week so I have enjoyed lots of creative time.

I finished up the sweater to a somewhat disappointing finish, it came out too large so I feel it is not particularly flattering. I do think I will still wear it as it is warm and cozy. It is my first completed knitting project on our challenge over on Ravelry.

A new pair of colourwork mitts in progress, working with three yarn for the first time makes it slow going! This is my second challenge and it may not get finished within the challenge time but I'm ok with that, would rather try not to make mistakes in the patterning. 

 This top was completed on Thursday and I hope to have it to the quilter this coming week before we leave on holidays. I am way ahead of schedule on this one so it can wait if it doesn't get there until after. 
Another scrap quilt from Sunday morning quilts

My February UFO challenge is complete and already delivered to the quilter!
My version of Chandelier by Lee Heinrich, that was a quilt along on the Bernina site the fall of 2014.
Mine is an eclectic version using a stack of Comma Fat Quarters.

I am working on my Hexie #7 but still choosing and cutting fabric so not much to show yet. As well I have yarn wound to knit some socks while on holidays. I bought bamboo needles so here is hoping it goes easily through security. 

"See" you back here in a few weeks with what I hope are some gorgeous travel photos to share!

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Playing Catch Up

As you will see by this photo heavy post, even though I haven't blogged, I have been busy!

My first sweater in over 30 years has been a big focus. All the parts are done, now to add the front ribbing and collar. She is not so attractive in this photo, but I am hoping it is just the ugly duckling phase!

With all my knitting my poor Millefiore project has been neglected. As I was waiting for the sweater blocking to dry I finally finished #6.

I love that I can now see how she is coming together and that I can see what colours I might need to add next to keep it somewhat balanced.

My 30 year old UFO is nearing completion. The borders were a bit wavy so I blocked it after this photo and it is now laying pretty flat. Just the binding and sleeve to add. 

This beauty just came back from being quilted by Carole. She has a great blog post on her research and thought process about how she  decided to quilt it. I left that up to her as I completely trust her judgement. I was NOT disappointed. 

Click on these two photos for close ups of the quilting detail.

Binding and sleeve are on and just the hand stitching to go. I am going to use this piece to get back into the habit of labeling my quilts. 

My Thursday quilting group is doing a year long UFO challenge and the above was my January project. I wanted to complete two more blocks on my Arcadia Avenue. I finished the upper left and lower right blocks.

This mess is my February project, it stalled as I could not at the time figure out what my thought process was. I think I got that sorted yesterday so I can just start sewing on Thursday. My hope is to get the top pieced but it is a short month for me as we leave on our winter holiday on Feb 25!!!

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Friday, 8 January 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year blogger peeps, so happy to be back here after a bit of a hiatus. It was not planned but sometimes life happens right??

I have not had much time in the studio since before Christmas but I did manage to finish those new placemats in time for Christmas dinner AND I have four more ready to be bound!

 I have been doing lots of knitting though, so I thought I would share my Christmas makes

Two pairs of felted slippers for my girls,

Thrummed mitts for my sis

Three of these scarves, two for my girls and another for a young friend

And very un-glamourous, practical socks for my hubby, which suits him perfectly.

Then it was on to stuff for me!
My second and third stranded projects
I am loving stranded work and there is a long way to go so you will see more here in the not too distant future!

My knitting group on ravelry has a 1+1+1 challenge on for the first quarter of the year, 
Mine are sweater+more stranded mitts+at least one pair of socks
This is the sweater cast on, my first sweater in over 30 years, wish me luck!

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Friday, 18 December 2015


It seems like a long time since I posted an update on my Millefiore project, mainly because it has stalled out!

I have arranged my finished blocks how they will be set in the actual layout and you can see from the next photo where 6 will go. I think my design wall will be just big enough to hold all the completed blocks.

I only have two more units to assemble then I can put 6 together, then I am going to assess where I need to balance out the colours as I move through the final (and smaller!) units

But first I must finish one last Christmas knitting project, hubby's socks!
Have a great final pre-Christmas weekend!

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