Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday

I am safely home from our fabulous cruise to Alaska and just getting photos sorted out. My editing program is being very uncooperative so I apologize for the the poor quality of some of my shots.

Rosette 4 did not come with me, but it is going camping this weekend so hope to make some noticeable progress.

This is the second pair of socks I started while travelling.......the first pair were done up to the beginning of the patterning and it was just not the right wool so I ripped it out. I started over with more of this lovely cotton yarn. I am working away at learning two at a time cuff down and feel better with this attempt. I have turned the heel and am working on the gusset decreases, always a sticking point for me.

Had to show you my lovely Alaskan yarn! Far left is a sock weight marino hand dyed  in a crockpot in Homer Alaska. The second and third are also hand dyed in Alaska but the second skeine is a yak, silk, marino blend. The last is a sport weight marino blend. All purchased at Aurora Yarns in Skagway. 

This amazing laser cut applique kit came from their sister store Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska shop. 

And a glam shot of the Marjorie glacier in Glacier Bay. Will have to see if I can find a shot that better shows how blue the ice and water were. 

Must get back to packing the camper for the weekend, hope you all enjoy your weekend however you get to spend it!

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Finish it Up Friday

I almost forgot I promised to post about my only 2015 quilt finish today!

So here it is, affectionately nicknamed "the beast", got a little carried away and it measures 98 by about 120. Somehow got it in my head that I had to use ALL the rows of strips I had sewn.

It was made for a couple who is very special to me and worth every. single. minute. It was a joy to make this as a gift to celebrate their marriage last weekend. I know they treasure it dearly.

I started this quilt back in January with the sorting and pressing of my scraps, then probably spent a month or so cutting strips. After that I sewed and sewed and sewed to assemble the rows. Was SOO happy when that part was done and I could start assembling the rows. It was challenging to get it squared up for the quilter but somehow I managed to do a pretty fair job. You can see the method I used and where the pattern is from in this post.
I used up ALL my blue scraps and made small dent in the green and neutral.
I think I am crazy but I am already contemplating another one in another colour way, but I will stick to a lap size this time me thinks!

My lovely friend Carole did her usual bang up job quilting it, even with my backing miscalculation!
I inset some extra rows to make the backing long enough, just did not assure it was wide enough!

While we were in Vancouver to celebrate the wedding, we attended a birthday BBQ for my sister-in-law, on Canada Day. This guy was kind enough to come into Kits Beach and show off for us!

We had a lovely Sunday brunch with our daughters across from Stanley Park the day after the wedding. 

And this really creepy giant bird lives in the square across from where my oldest daughter works. There are two of them actually, not sure exactly what the city was thinking here...............

Have a great weekend every one!

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hey readers, long time no post!

Life has been full of work, gardening, graduation and retirement parties, as well as a trip to Vancouver to see family and attend a very special wedding.

We are only home for about 10 days then we head back to Vancouver for our 25th Anniversary trip, we will be cruising the inside passage up to Alaska with Holland America.
Very excited for this special anniversary!

I have a big quilt finish that I will post on Friday, my only one so far this year, I have been working on it since January!

Since that is finished I am now making another tinker tote for a friend who requested one.

Still a pretty rough draft!

My travel project has been this shawl 

And I am making progress on my Rosette 4.

It has been quite hot here and we only have a small AC unit in the bedroom so I hang out on the bed, sewing, knitting and binge watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix.

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Friday, 19 June 2015

A Few Friday Finishes.

Miss Vera is just loving modelling the new bag I just finished. Yes, another new bag. I just cannot help myself!

I have made this bag before and have really enjoyed it, it is a great hands free bag for travelling. AND my iPad fits in it!

While I love the previous version, the fabric is a bit busy for wearing with some outfits. This one is a bit more neutral and I added more stiffening to this one. The previous version, now that is has been used a lot, is a bit droopy. 

And here we have yet another pair of socks. This one is my first very flawed attempt at knitting two socks at a time. They are however, a good fit, are soft and comfy so I am calling it a win!

I am in the midst of binding a rather large quilt and am committed to making some progress on my Rosette four, so nothing will be cast on until we leave on the first of our two summer trips on the 30th of this month. 

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Friday, 5 June 2015

Friday Finishes

I keep saying, if I didn't make bags, I would never have any finishes to show.

While I was making it I kept thinking it was much larger than I expected, so she has been nicknamed Mary Poppins! 
She actually is going to be a nice size for exactly what her official name says, she is my new carry on bag for the trips we will be taking this summer. 

While technically not a finish, I have finished prepping all the hexies for Rosette four. Time to gather them up and clip each one with it mates, and get sewing! (chores first, sadly)

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015


 Poor rosette four, feels like the ugly step-sister

I am not normally a girl who changes her mind a lot

But I could almost make another quilt from the rejects, 90% of these are from this one poor rosette. Not entirely happy with it still but I think it is going to stay in this configuration, time to start sewing! Or maybe I will change out that black and red? Oh me, oh my!

And this sock! 
Yes, it is as baggy as it looks, I wondered about that heel while I was doing it but am not experienced enough at knitting socks yet to know it was not going to be good. I probably should have gone a size smaller as well and of course as usual, I ran out of yarn at the toe. I just did not have the heart to rip it back once I realized as I was more that half way down the foot. I am hoping a good wash and block will help some, but I think learning to knit toe up socks is in my near future.
I have signed up for another sock knitting craftsy class so that should help too, I hope.

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday Finishes

The secret knitting project has been completed

and gifted to the new grandparents. First sweater in almost 30 years and probably only the 2nd or 3rd ever. Good to start small and work my way back up. 

While technically not a finish, and almost three months behind, all the hexies are complete and just need to be attached to the rosette. I think this may be my favourite so far but I hope to be working on Rosette four by next week! 

Don't think I have shared this yet, but back in March I bought this kit on impulse from an Instagram auction. I have seen around the net and have been admiring it from afar. I need more practice yet on my stranded work but I hope to start it next fall or winter. 

It is a beautiful warm northern spring day and I should be out in my flower beds weeding but I am going to opt for some sewing time instead, it's been too long and the weeds will still be there tomorrow!

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