Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday

When I looked at the date I couldn't believe it has been three weeks since I posted last!
And a busy three weeks it has been.

I was out to visit a friend in BC at her amazing new home on the lake and of course we had to go exploring.
I explored myself right into bringing these two new babies home with me, both in need of cleaning but in running order.

While more research is needed I believe this is a 1930ish Domestic

And this is a 1957 Elna, in need of bobbins

I was only home for less than a week and I had to make a quick trip out to Edmonton.

So this little project bag is all I have managed to sew. It is now winging it's way to my yarn swap partner in Australia.

This poncho has been my constant companion through my travels and at home. I hope to finish it this trip as we head back out on the road tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving in BC with family. 

I hope this finds you all finding time to spend with family and friends this weekend, whether it is Thanksgiving in your country or not. 

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday

As usual lots in the works but nothing finished!

Now that my sewing room is back together and organized I have located all the pieces to Arcadia Avenue, I am back to making a bit of progress on Block 3

My third Tinker Tote in progress

All the parts are made, now to add pockets to the lining and get it together for my friend Barb.

I saw this tunic on someone that I follow on Facebook and loved it so here are the two fabrics I have lined up to give it a try.

Rosette 5, yah for me! LOL
Six is prepped and ready to go but I am headed out of town for a week to visit with a friend who I miss dearly. I will just knit and drink wine as we visit on her deck overlooking the lake!

Hopefully finish this second sock and start on a poncho I have all lined up to go.

I have this trip plus two more between now and Thanksgiving so I don't expect much progress on anything but knitting. That's OK our long cold winter will be here soon enough and I will be trapped in the house with lots of time to sew.

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Friday Finish

I needed a quick baby gift for a shower at church so this week I whipped up these cute little hats. Each one takes me a day to knit.

Top left is a Flour Sack hat, right is an Accordion hat and the bottom one is a beret that I can't remember the name of!
The beret turned out more newborn size so it will be donated to the nursery at the hospital, where every baby born receives a hand-knit hat.
All three hats are from the great little book Baby Beanies

Yesterday was my 4 year blog-aversary and with 227 posts and and almost 46,000 page views from all over the world it has been a great ride. Thanks for continuing to visit and comment, I really appreciate it!

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

WIP Wednesday

Making progress!
Two rosettes prepped and ready to sew.
Time has been taken out to quickly knit up a baby gift tho!

Rosette 5

Rosette 6

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Monday, 17 August 2015

Hexie-aholic update

I am so far behind on my Millefiore project!

This is April, Rosette 4, finally done! I do like it a lot more than I thought I would when agonizing over choosing fabrics back in June. 

All four together but not in their final positions on the layout.

I am done painting my sewing room but am awaiting delivery of new shelving, lighting and a second table for my second machine. In the meantime if I can resist casting on another pair of socks I will get the next one or two prepped and ready to sew. I hope that process will go a little faster as I have already chosen piles of fabric for the next three. May just need to add a few here and there from my stash. 

I joined Mad About Patchwork`s Cotton and Steel FQ club, which includes 6 shipments of 10 each of the line from this spring`s market. 
This is delivery one, love those sloths, such cool creatures we had the opportunity to see in Costa Rica last year. 

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

A Little Catch Up

Realized the other day that I finished this before vacation but forgot to share it with you. 
It is a wool wrap that I did take with me to Alaska and was happy to have it the chilly day we cruised Glacier Bay. It's the Yowza Weigh It Shawl 4 from Ravelry. I really enjoyed this knit, with lovely Miss Babs yarn in the Funny Papers colourway.

Just a few days late I finished my July shorties, and while the patterning was a bit challenging, they fit great. This is my second attempt at knitting socks two at a time with a much more satisfactory result this time. This pattern, Castaway Socks, is also from Ravelry. 

We were barely home from holidays when we decided to go camping over the long weekend. It gave me a chance to not only knit on my socks but get this round of Rosette 4 finished. 
I am just getting to the holiday pictures now but after that, nothing will be cast on in favour of finishing this rosette and moving on to 5! 

While camping at a new to us site, we went on this lovely boreal forest interpretive trail walk. Originally developed in 1994 by the local Junior Forest Rangers.

Was a lovely surprise to come across this towards the end of the trail. 
The campground manager said he had not seen any bears this season, but we sure saw evidence that they were around. 

And this loveliness is my current WIP! Finally, finally getting to the painting in my sewing room. The itch to sew is very motivating at this point!
I now have the ceiling painted and the first coat on all the walls, tomorrow will be the second coat and first coat on the trim. Tuesday will be the second coat on the trim. Back to work Wed/Thursday so Friday I will begin to put the room back together. 
Only to move on to painting the two other rooms after that!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday

I am safely home from our fabulous cruise to Alaska and just getting photos sorted out. My editing program is being very uncooperative so I apologize for the the poor quality of some of my shots.

Rosette 4 did not come with me, but it is going camping this weekend so hope to make some noticeable progress.

This is the second pair of socks I started while travelling.......the first pair were done up to the beginning of the patterning and it was just not the right wool so I ripped it out. I started over with more of this lovely cotton yarn. I am working away at learning two at a time cuff down and feel better with this attempt. I have turned the heel and am working on the gusset decreases, always a sticking point for me.

Had to show you my lovely Alaskan yarn! Far left is a sock weight marino hand dyed  in a crockpot in Homer Alaska. The second and third are also hand dyed in Alaska but the second skeine is a yak, silk, marino blend. The last is a sport weight marino blend. All purchased at Aurora Yarns in Skagway. 

This amazing laser cut applique kit came from their sister store Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska shop. 

And a glam shot of the Marjorie glacier in Glacier Bay. Will have to see if I can find a shot that better shows how blue the ice and water were. 

Must get back to packing the camper for the weekend, hope you all enjoy your weekend however you get to spend it!

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