Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday

Progress, seems to be my theme word so far this year, only one tote bag finished so far.

So here we go with more progress!

a secret knitting project, trying to branch out beyond, hats, socks and mitts.

But socks will not be left out by any means so I have been on the lookout for a pattern for this super cool yarn. It needed to have enough of a pattern to not be boring but not so much to be lost in colorful yarn, so Jaywalker from Ravelry it is. As my friend said, the yarn needs to be the star! I am going to a conference this weekend so I wanted some socks cast on to work on while I listen to the speaker. The secret project is more complex and needs all my attention so I will set it aside for a few days in favour of some new socks. 

Slow steady progress on Rosette three, almost a full month behind now, but not too worried about it, just enjoying the process. 

This scrappy project continues to be the main focus of any machine time lately,

only those four strip sets left and I can start assembly, yah!
I tried to work on my Chandelier quilt-a-long last weekend but I need to sit down with it for a bit and figure out what my thought process was when I cut it out, because it isn't making much sense at the moment. 

I realize now that I have forgotten to upload the picture of my second Arcadia Avenue block completed, so will be sure to include that with the next post. 

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So glad blogger automatically saves drafts, just sayin! and this post is brought to you by the word "so" LOL!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Finish it Up Friday

Once I got my my February Millefiore
rosette finished, I was happy to quickly finish up a couple of knitting projects.

My Stranded Colourwork mittens, not perfect but for a first attempt I have to say I am pretty proud!
And they are oh so soft and warm.

Finished these socks just in time for my niece to head over to Australian "winter".

Half way through the next Arcadia Avenue block, "Peacock Feathers". I am really enjoying this project so far. 

My March Rosette all prepped and ready to sew, this one took an extra long time as many of the pieces were fussy cut.

My girl and I are really happy to be enjoying a beautiful early spring this year! We love to sit (lay) in the sun and soak up the rays. My boy dog is not a sun lover so he is out the shot in the shade. Those Colourwork mittens will be tucked away for next winter!

Bikes were out on the path on March 30th, my biking buddy and I were in our glory! 
I am headed out to enjoy another ride with her as soon as I am done here!!

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Oh What a Busy Day (weeks!)

My life has been so crazy of late that this little title has been repeating itself in my head. 

When my kids were little this was one their favourite books, 
wait until they find out it is considered by some as vintage! HAHA! It was published in 1976 and my kids not long after that. It was re-released in 2010 so a whole new generation can enjoy it.

My busy-ness mainly consists of too much work for this supposed to be retired gal. I hope by the end of next week all will be back to health and from holiday and I can get back to a more retired pace.

I have been able to slowly progress on a few projects, just have the toe decrease left on this pair of socks. I am eager to move on to a new(ish) knitting project.

March's Rosette has suffered the most neglect unfortunately, but that said, it has a LOT of fussy cutting. 

April's pattern was released last night, but my paper pieces haven't arrived yet, it may go a little more quickly, not so many tiny bits.

The scrappy strip quilt really needs to be at the top of the list but it entails actually getting time to sit at the machine, but this quilt has a deadline!!!

The Chandelier quilt along has popped up as my APQ UFO challenge piece for April. I have only just started week two but all those HST are pressed and trimmed, there is a lot of sewing to be done to get to week three!

Oh and I forgot to snap a photo but Arcadia Avenue March block is sitting awaiting my attention too!!!!

Friday is a holiday, hubby will be off skiing so after church it will be all about sewing for the rest of day (unless of course the sun entices me outside!)

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday Finishes

Yes!! I finally finished something!

This tote is my March APQ UFO challenge piece, it was all cut out so only took a couple of hours to finish up. Fun spring/summer bag.

First block of Arcadia Avenue, done! Fabrics have arrived for Block 2 so I will get those pre-washed and ready to go tomorrow.

February Millefiore, Rosette #2, done!

While technically not a complete finish, these are each done..............I have reached that point in every crafter's life, I now have more than one knitting project on the go. I will finish each of these however, before I start anything else (resisting crossing my fingers behind my back here!)

Not a finish but a start, finally sewing those strips together.

 After all the units for this size strip were complete I had these strips left. Think I will start the blocks for a smaller quilt for them while I am at it. They will be mainly green with a bit of blue and beige. 

And March Millefiore, Rosette # 3 is calling out to be to just work less.........sigh.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday (on Wednesday)

 I attempted to lay the slab blocks out in an approximation of the future setting, but the design wall is not big enough and I don't have enough blocks done to be effective, but you sort of get the idea............

Are you as tired of seeing this scrap bin as I am? I have decided that once I finish the block at the end of this post I am just going to get sewing on this, if I need more strips as I go along, I will cut them then. I am so bored with cutting strips I just am not making any progress. 

 I thought I might show you that not even the tiniest bits get thrown out. I have a friend who digs through them for applique bits and the rest she uses to stuff dog beds she makes for the SPCA. I throw out very little in my sewing room.

I stashed these bits away as the beginnings of two more tinker totes 

Here is block one of the Arcadia Avenue BOM. It is time consuming, 4 hours so far, but I LOVE it, and renewing my love for foundation paper piecing. Only four more sections to go through blue into green and then the triangles to square it up. 

I am hoping for lots of sewing time over my next two days off work and 
I continue to knit socks and piece Millefiore hexies in the evenings but will spare you more pics until I actually finish them!! 

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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Nothing but works in progress...........

With lots of staff out with a viral bronchitis that is travelling around our town, I have been working  a lot of extra hours. This means my creative life still just involves works in progress. Hopefully one day soon I will have something finished to share!

I thought you might enjoy the contrast between the ridiculously large sock knit with the worsted yarn and the one I have started for my niece in a fingering weight yarn. I find it quite humorous. The giant sock is just awaiting tomorrow's lesson on three needle toe closure. I hope to be more accomplished at that than the Kitchener stitch I attempt now. 

My Millefiore rosette number two progresses as well, just the blocks on the lower left and one more set still on the layout board to complete before I can start assembling. Rosette three pattern and paper pieces lay patiently awaiting their turn.

I have been slowly adding circle quilting to my January's APQ UFO project.

February's project progressed from 5 green blocks to all 7, plus 7 pink ones.

March's project is this tote bag, already cut out. Hope to actually get it completely done this week and thus have a finish!!!

The tedious cutting of scraps for the Candy Coated quilt continues, but thankfully will end with the pile to the left. No wonder I don't sew much! 

I have been admiring the Arcadia Avenue quilt since I saw pictures of it on instagram from Houston Quilt Market. I now have it coming as a block of the month from
  Cherry Tree Quilts in Summerland BC. It is all paper pieced, which although I haven't done any for a while, I really enjoy. I hope to get block one done this week as well. (I am limiting the number of hours I am working as everyone returns to health!)

I will close today with this shot of my smart old boy, nothing like a nap in the sun on a Saturday afternoon. May just go follow his example!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WIP Wednesday-The Giant Sock Edtion

 I am a self taught sock knitter, so I thought taking a live class would help me with some of the things I struggle with like the gusset and closing the toe opening.

They provided the yarn and the pattern and I proceeded to knit, 13 inches worth, and the thing is HUGE! BUT.........I wanted a knee sock so I decided to try it on for length and the darn thing fits perfectly around my calves.........which I never thought of as overly large! I think the ankle will be baggy but that is OK, they are a heavier sport weight wool sock that will go inside my snowshoeing boots or will become nice warm house socks. 
Here is where I stop until Sunday's class where we will turn the heel (my favourite part!)

Progress on the colorwork mitten, I can add the thumb now that I have the sock ready for the next class. 

Rosette #2 is prepped, but will make a change to those 5 triangles touching those inner blue rectangles, it needs a pink or orange pop (maybe green?), they just disappear right now. 

Due to my evening knitting obsession, I only have three and a half blocks sewn, that orange and green one still needs the rectangle sides sewn up.

The blue and green scraps finally all cut up! Yah!

Now for the neutral tub and then we might actually be able to start sewing on this project. Good thing I left myself lots of time.

 In the process that scrap vomit bin fills as well. 

February's APQ Resolution challenge was my slab blocks, the last green ones are done and three pink under my belt. Maybe Saturday will see me get the last four of those done, before they announce the March number on the list. I had no goal on this one, so progress is acceptable. 

We had a snow dyeing demo at guild in January, so I have been playing with that too. The two to the far right are done with the demo'd method but I wasn't pleased at the pastel outcome so I made some adjustments to the "fix" and am much more pleased. The yellow on the red/pink piece is a result of less that stellar clean up of the strainer and hey I love the outcome!

Another red piece in the works. I am just working through all the scrap white fabrics I had hanging around and a bunch of "tired" procion dyes that have been untouched in my craft cupboard for at least three years. 

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