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Monday, 15 September 2014

A real knitter now?

The joke among quilters is that you are not a "real" quilter until you have multiple projects on the go at once, which in turn produces multiple UFO's (unfinished objects).

I am finding that for a variety of reasons, I have multiple knitting projects on the go. So, does that now make me a "real" knitter?

-Above from top left is my new mitten project from my Craftsy Class, Mittens and Gloves Galore. I will only have gloves left to try from that class after this.

-Top right are the epic fail mittens from the book mentioned a few posts ago, they are now done but I think I am going to try felting them a bit to see if I can make them less loose and hence warmer! I hate these mittens so I have nothing to lose. 

-Bottom right are my beloved socks, if you look closely you can see I broke the needle. I cannot buy that size in town so my lovely hubby ventured into the quilt shop in Canmore for me this weekend and picked up a new one. I am excited to carry on and get them finished so I can make more!

-bottom left are another pair of mittens, I am still trying to find the right pattern for all the yarn I acquired at that garage sale this summer. These are still not quite right but MUCH better than the previous pair. These I will actually donate to the mitten tree at church (without embarrassment!) which was part of my intention when I made that purchase. 

Late summer weather has returned for a bit so I am off to soak up as much of it as I can while I still can! Have a great week. 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I was tagged for this hop by Carole of Fresh off the Frame. If you have hopped over from her blog, welcome! If you haven't met Carole before, please click on the link and enjoy her story. Be sure to check out her art quilts and amazing long-arm skills. 

The "Around the World" hop is like a giant chain winding through the blogosphere. Follow the links backward to see all who came before me in the chain.

The next step would be to tag three more bloggers but unfortunately I dropped the ball on this part, as none of my favourite bloggers were available to join the hop. 
But I can carry on and answer the questions posed........

1) What am I working on?

A better question would be, what am I NOT working on? It seems I am happiest when I have multiple projects on the go. I get bored easily and need to have something else to jump to when I run out of steam on a project. As a result I am a real UFO queen, with an embarrassingly long list. 

A number of years ago I discovered mixed media art and have take a few classes to try to hone my skills and develop my own style. I have done lots of faceless girls and am now working on adding features to my whimsical creations. 

Near the same time I rediscovered a love of knitting and have spent time the last few winters, learning to knit cables, mittens, gloves and am now completing my first pair of socks.

I also recently opened an Etsy shop and the next two photos are projects I am hoping to add soon.

The guild river challenge, continues to be a challenge!

And this year's donation to the Festival of Trees is under way, much earlier than usual, yay me! LOL

2) How does my work differ from others in this genre?

I really don't see myself as in any specific genre, but if I had to say, maybe modern traditional? I love to piece, especially with bright colours, machine applique and am working to hone my machine quilting skills. I differ I suppose in the fact that I haven't completely embraced the whole modern movement and lean more towards the traditional side. I love to look at art and landscape quilts, but I don't seem to enjoy creating them, hence the rive challenge being a challenge for me.

3) Why do I write/create what I do?

I suppose my answer is the same as many creative people, because I have to! I get really grumpy when have no time to create, when I am doing other necessary things, I am continually thinking, day dreaming about what I could be working on. I believe it to be in my DNA, I have some wonderfully creative aunties whom I am often compared to.

4) How does my writing/creative process work

Yesterday was probably a really good example. It was a rainy, very cool day so I was very inspired to stay inside and work on my projects. 
I started with the art project, I have been stalling on the face but finally felt ready to tackle it. I can only go so far and I have to wait for things to dry completely. Then I moved to the sewing room to work on the Etsy projects for an hour or so. I knew we had dinner plans but I wanted to fit in some knitting so I moved to that project for the last hour. I find I procrastinate terribly on projects I am not excited by or feel capable of doing a really good job on, my inner perfectionist starts screaming in my ear, really, really loudly. 

My body does not allow me to sit at my sewing machine for endless hours so most evenings you will find me on the sofa watching TV and either knitting or working on my EPP hexie project, rarely are my hands idle in the evenings, actually feels really weird if they are. 

So there you go, enough about me, but if you find yourself intrigued by this hop and want to join in please consider yourself tagged! Blog the questions next Monday the 15th, link back to me and tag your favourite bloggers.

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Have a great week!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Let's Make a Deal

Does anyone else make deals with themselves as motivation?
Lately I find myself doing this to try to get some long term projects finished.

If I finish this row. (only one more after this!)

I can knit the other sock, this is my first ever by the way! I am thrilled to have done it so successfully!

If I work on this guild challenge project for an hour............

Then I can make a few of these blocks for my Festival of Trees quilt.

I read recently the best way to conquer procrastination is to take small bites, a little bit at a time every day.

Just wanted to let you all know, in an effort to support my retirement I have opened an Etsy shop. I am working a bit blindly but figure, it is best to just start and learn more as I go along. There is not too much in there now, but I am working on things to add so please check back occasionally. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Day Late

I am a day late for Work in Progress Wednesday this week as our internet was out for most of the day yesterday.

I have not finished the second mitten yet but my sock yarn and needle came in the mail and I was too excited to wait for the mitten to be finished.
I have never knit socks but have been really inspired by what I see on blogs and instagram.
I found a tutorial on YouTube and I was off to the races.

Here I am ready to do the super scary heel turn!

The procrastination guild challenge project is progressing, much as I would rather start my Buggy Barn quilt for the Festival of Trees. I will just use that as motivation to get the baby done

Speaking of done, here is the crosshatched baby quilt that has been in progress for some time! 
It will be tucked away for a certain babe due to join us this fall. 

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Monday, 25 August 2014

3rd Blog-aversary

175 posts and over 25,000 pageviews later, I am still enjoying this blog as much as I did on the very first day. I love the interaction with other blogs and seeing that I have visitors from all over the world. Thank you all for making this a great adventure!

We seem to have been pretty busy this summer with projects and family visits, so the blog is feeling a bit neglected. Summer is winding down, temperatures are cooling and the feel of fall is in the air here in the north, so I will be back in the sewing room soon. I have lots of plans!

I have still been knitting as that is easy to do in front of the TV in the evening. We had a couple of rough days here with some disappointing news so the need to knit was strong (I should be working on finishing my hexie quilt!) as it is a comforting thing for me. Something about the feel of the wool and the rhythm of clicking needles.

I bought this book last winter and was excited to try something with the wool I came home from holidays with. So, so disappointed.............the patterns are not at all well written and assume you know a lot, that is not my definition of easy. 

These are the mittens from the front cover, my best attempt at deciphering the pattern, it gives you a little pattern repeat graph for the cable but only refers to it once at the very beginning of the where you should start cabling. I did a swatch to test the gauge, but in the end it was not a good match as they are too loosely knit to provide much warmth. I could not leave the first one all alone so I am working on the second one and they will be a donation to the church mitten tree. 

I did get the crosshatching done on the second eat, play quilt, and hope to get it bound today or tomorrow. I need to stop procrastinating and get to my guild challenge project! It will be the only thing I work on after this, until it is done and off my plate!

I have not been in the pool for over a month and this week is the last week before their annual month long maintenance closure so I best get moving!
Have a great week. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday

 I continue to work on the second Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat quilt, I did decide to go ahead and do the crosshatch as you can see. I know it will be a bit stiff but it s a baby quilt that will get washed a lot so I know it will soften up beautifully.

Finished one mitten on the long drive home from BC and have started the second one. Probably the most challenging thing I have knit to date. Love how much my knitting skills have grown in the last year through Craftsy classes.

I had the chance to pre-shop a garage sale and came away with all these wonderful goodies. There are a lot of potential mittens and hats in that pile!

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Monday, 11 August 2014

To Home and Back Home Again

I feel like I have two homes, being born and raised in BC, that will always be home to us. 
It was, however, really, really hot...........we are not acclimatized to that anymore!
And these poor creatures have to wear fur coats! 

so there was lots of swimming

some wallaby cuddling

and petting

There were new hats to try on

Gorgeous flowers to gaze upon


Wishes to be put on a "tree"

new family members to meet

a beautiful lake to paddle on

and my Mom's 90th birthday to celebrate.