Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mini Retreat

Well, I had a rather long and involved post started on my impromptu swim in the Peace River (don't ever, ever rock the boat!) but it was lost somewhere in cyberspace. I take that as meaning I was not meant to tell that story!

I will, however, tell you about my fun little weekend quilting retreat. A couple times a year one of my besties comes over on Friday and stays till Saturday night and we just quilt our little hearts out. It usually involves our favourite food groups, pizza, chocolate, liquorice and well as assorted "adult" beverages. We usually take a little road trip to our favourite little LQS "Seams Easy" as well.


Aralee, assisted by our two studio assistants, (who really really love the liquorice component) worked on tracing and fusing lots of the pieces of the new Buggy Barn Applique pattern "Farm Fresh".

I worked on the lovely little red, white and black number on the design wall. I got the top completed and will show you once I get it quilted. You get a much more intimate look at the mess that is my sewing room than I had intended but I know lots of you have similar looking ones!

A little update on a previous post, I am loving my new job and having more time to persue my creative endevours.
I am off to bake some cookies to take to work (and some for Bruce too!)

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