Saturday, 14 January 2012

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts

A bit delayed, but as promised here are the quilts I have been working on:

This a baby quilt for my daughter's friend's newest little one, it is based on Carla's tutorial on wonky blocks with the tri rec ruler set, fun and easy to do!

This is the label, mama is Canadian and dad is an Aussie.

This is my Twister quilt with the L'il Twister border partially completed. This is a suprise gift for a special friend, but it is on hold as I work on the one pictured below

This the class sample for the class I am teaching in March,
Buggy Barn Painted Daisy from the Positively Crazy book.

Completed but not squared blocks

The remaining 28 blocks waiting their turn!

Winter has finally arrived here in northern Albert, with -16C temps and a -25C windchill, good day to stay in a quilt!
And dream of the much anticipated winter holiday in.......let me see.............42 more sleeps! 6 weeks today we will be on our way to Chile!!!

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