Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hola Friends!

I have been trying to post for the last few days only to finally realize the e-blogger has done some upgrading and I had to download the new program! So, Phew, I am back!

And YES, we leave tomorrow for our much anticipated trip to Chile!!! We are SOOO excited, to go on vacation, see my oldest friend (not in age! we have known each other for nearly 40 years! Man, am I THAT old, that I can say that now?) and tour Chile!

Just a really quick post to show you more of my lettering class work and then I am sure LOTS to share when I get home.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Where does the time go?

I am realizing I have not written a post in over a week!
I have been completely absorbed in my lettering class as there is an  "assignment" every day!

The recovering perfectionist in me wants to be perfect on first try, but the class mantra is
 "Play, Practice, Write, Repeat"

Quick update on the art show, I have had unexpectedly wonderful feed back!

With less that 2 weeks to go we are in full getting ready mode, 9 sleeps til Chile!!!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

On Being a "Real" artist

A few years ago my brother and I were talking about his blog and he commented on how much our egos are tied into the feedback we get on our work, how many comments we receive, how may hits to our site and that resonated with me this week as I dealt with comments or lack thereof on my pieces now hanging in the art gallery in our new library building.

At church on Sunday it was announced by name, that several members had work hanging in the exhibit but my name was left out. I was in the gallery space yesterday and was chatting with a local "professional" artist about her piece hanging there, I am a big fan of her work, but as she walked around, she walked right past my pieces without comment. When I pointed out those were my pieces she went back and her comment was "oh, you used allot of scrapbooking stuff".

These comments or lack there of have been sitting on my heart all week, until I took the time to analyse how I was feeling and how much I was letting my ego affect my feelings. For one, art is a very subjective thing, we have definite likes and dislikes, but I would never snub another artist because I happen not to be a fan of their work. I realize that I do actually get more positive than negative comments on my work. My family and friends are my "fans", my work gives me great peace and joy to create, I am constantly growing and evolving as an artist and that is a good thing.

So all that being said, as I was driving home from errands yesterday I started to smile, I DON'T need their approval, I just need mine. I don't need to continue to think about how others will see my piece when it is completed, if I am happy with it, that is all that counts.

So here are my beloved snow angels as they hang on display.

I am currently taking a lettering class as that is a real weakness for me, my handwriting and lettering are less than beautiful. It is something I want to begin to incorporate into my work so it needs to improve and be more creative in it's appearance

This was the exercise on Sunday and I was so engrossed in it, I burned the rice I was making for dinner. Good thing hubby came in just as it was beginning to smoke!

17 sleeps until our Chilean vacation!! Woohoo!!!!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

I am very excited to have these "snow angel" pieces ready to drop off today for the art show being hung this weekend. Because I don't do "fine art" I have a hard time accepting myself as a true artist. I am getting there, slowly! My family, friends and co-workers love my work so it is time I do too!

This is my latest girl who is headed to Chile with me!

I have signed up for a few more online classes in the coming months. The first one is letter love, I have never "loved" my handwriting or printing so I don't do much journalling in my art journals and scrapbooks. I am hoping that is about to change.

Here is the link to the class if you are interested in checking it out............
…share the Letter Love on your site...

These are shots of  my practice journal

I am back to working on the Twister quilt, can't wait get it finished and off to my friend Chris to be quilted.

23 more sleeps till we land in Santiago, Chile, I am over the moon excited for this great adventure!

Thanks to all of you the traffic on my blog is growing in leaps and bounds, I so appreciate that you enjoy these little Pieces of My Heart.