Thursday, 2 February 2012

I am very excited to have these "snow angel" pieces ready to drop off today for the art show being hung this weekend. Because I don't do "fine art" I have a hard time accepting myself as a true artist. I am getting there, slowly! My family, friends and co-workers love my work so it is time I do too!

This is my latest girl who is headed to Chile with me!

I have signed up for a few more online classes in the coming months. The first one is letter love, I have never "loved" my handwriting or printing so I don't do much journalling in my art journals and scrapbooks. I am hoping that is about to change.

Here is the link to the class if you are interested in checking it out............
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These are shots of  my practice journal

I am back to working on the Twister quilt, can't wait get it finished and off to my friend Chris to be quilted.

23 more sleeps till we land in Santiago, Chile, I am over the moon excited for this great adventure!

Thanks to all of you the traffic on my blog is growing in leaps and bounds, I so appreciate that you enjoy these little Pieces of My Heart.


  1. Your snow angels are as wonderful as all your work is! You ARE an ARTIST!

  2. Margaret, I love the girl going to Chile, she reminds me of a friend of ours! xo Hope you have a wonderful time. You are certainly my "artist friend"!

    I had to call myself anonymous because otherwise i could not figure out how to publish this.