Thursday, 29 March 2012

Let me know when you get sick of Chile pictures! 

This is currently the world's largest swimming pool, located in Algarrobo. The hotel consists of 11 of those buildings and the pool stretches the entire way. There were little sail boats and windsurfers on it!

 This shot was taken the first weekend of the "off" season, imagine how it looked during their busy summer months, and the water is NOT warm!

If you click to enlarge this one, you can see the Humboldt Penguin, very hard to get a good shot as they blend so well into the rocks.

And more art.........this is my very 3D nest project, still deciding on whether I will go back and do the lettering black........what do you think?

I love how fat and squishy my art journal is becoming!

I am off to Jasper with my hubby this weekend to celebrate my birthday, lucky girl eh?

Saturday, 24 March 2012

A little more....

A little bit more Chile and a little bit more art.
I have been taking yet another online art class, this one is called "The Art of Wild Abandonment" something this type A recovering perfectionist is not so good at!
I know my work is amateurish but the whole point of taking these classes is about growth, learning new techniques, discovering I can do things I thought I couldn't, gaining confidence and just plain having fun playing with paper and paper and all kinds of messy mediums.

So here are a few of the pages from my art journal, sketching, watercolours, paper piecing and exploring the prompts.

journalling my way through the nasty sickness we brought home!

And back to Chile
Los Domincos, a fabulous artisan market, where lots of money was spent!

The rest of the pictures are from our day in central Santiago

There is an entire block of these long narrow shops, carrying nothing but notions!

The first thing we saw coming up out of the subway was the National library building

This is the entrance to the oldest church in Santiago, I think around 400 years old, having survived many earthquakes over that time.

This is the ceiling in the chapel

Plaza de Armes and the Catedral de Santiago, another beautiful old church

Thanks to all of you I am closing in on 2500 hits on my blog, when I do I think it is time for a little prize!
Thanks as always for stopping by!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Hi Friends,

I seem to have been missing in action the last month or so! 
Well, our trip to Chile was nothing short of fantastic!
Unfortunately a nasty cold virus followed us home and we have spent the last 10 days recovering!

Here is my friend with her new Twister Quilt

We had two opportunities to travel into the Andes

But it was cool and very foggy that day, the only day we had that was under 30C

But later in our trip we had another opportunity to travel into the Andes, this time to the Portillo ski resort

 where we were pleased to see some rather famous Canadians had been there before us!

 The fabulous picture will soon be printed on canvas and hanging in my home!

We also spent a fantastic weekend out at Algarrobo on the coast of Chile, don't let that beautiful blue water fool you, it was COLD!

 and a trip to Chile could not be complete without a winery tour/tasting

I have many, many, many more photos that I will continue to share with you in future postings. As well as what I am currently playing at with my art courses I am taking. 

Buenos Noche mi amigas!