Thursday, 29 March 2012

Let me know when you get sick of Chile pictures! 

This is currently the world's largest swimming pool, located in Algarrobo. The hotel consists of 11 of those buildings and the pool stretches the entire way. There were little sail boats and windsurfers on it!

 This shot was taken the first weekend of the "off" season, imagine how it looked during their busy summer months, and the water is NOT warm!

If you click to enlarge this one, you can see the Humboldt Penguin, very hard to get a good shot as they blend so well into the rocks.

And more art.........this is my very 3D nest project, still deciding on whether I will go back and do the lettering black........what do you think?

I love how fat and squishy my art journal is becoming!

I am off to Jasper with my hubby this weekend to celebrate my birthday, lucky girl eh?


  1. Well happy birthday! Have a wonderful time.

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you feel a bit perkier tomorrow than you did today. I like the green lettering on your nest piece, but see what you mean...what if you use brown instead of black to darken it? There seem to be lots of different browns and grey-browns in the nest that might work, and it would be less "harsh" than black...just a thought. I'm sure whatever you do will be beautiful!