Friday, 20 April 2012

Hubby gets creative

I am just so crazy amazed with this I had to post. 
My hubby, at 50 something, is going back to school on Monday to start a second trade. The plan is that it is something he can do part time after we retire to supplement our income.

So, at work they have had him practising some of the stuff he will be learning in the "shop" portion of class.
This is what he brought home this week. 
The handle is made from that piece of pipe, the head is a copper sheath with lead poured inside. Our course he had to attempt to explain the math involved in getting the taper on the handle...........good thing quilting does not involve calculus is all I can say!

I am just SO freaking impressed with him!

The part that is so great for me, is that he now "gets" the creative process and how sometimes you might get so involved in it that you forget you have a pot of rice on the stove (until the smoke alarm goes off! :)

Have a great weekend!

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