Wednesday, 4 April 2012


We had a lovely, if snowy, weekend away in Jasper. Hubby loved the big snowfall they had as it made the weekend of skiing and snowboarding extra fun for him!

Fortunately it was not too cold so I did get out of the hotel room and wander through LOTS of the shops, visited my favourite bakery and enjoyed a quiet day of just doing my own thing. 

I did pack along some art supplies to play with while the boy was on the mountain and this is what I managed to come up with. It did start and finish at home, but it was nice way to while away a quiet Sunday morning. I think it is my favourite art journal page at the moment.

Since we moved to northern Alberta ten years ago we have driven the road through Jasper back to BC many, many times but this trip was the FIRST time we have actually seen a male sheep with the big horns! We see lots of herds of females with the young but never this. This was a whole herd of young males with  just the one old patriarch. It was great to see a thriving healthy young bunch.

Today is all about finishing baby quilts, my oldest daughter had two friends expecting babies, one was born last Friday, on my birthday! and the other is arriving today! Great motivation to get out of the art room and down to the sewing room!

Have a great day and I hope spring is springing for you as nicely as it is for us!


  1. your art page is gorgeous Margaret. Have fun working on those baby quilts too!

  2. Glad you had a great weekend. It's so much fun to be a tourist in Jasper!