Thursday, 24 May 2012

On being slowed down

and how much I hate it when it happens!
I spent a lovely week in Victoria visiting my daughters only to take a spill on my last day there, resulting in this ugliness!

 And while it is a beautiful spring day outside and my garden is calling I must stay off it as ordered! 

While I was hanging out at my daughter's house I had some time to work on my alphabets, this one done with coloured pencils.

For Mother's Day the girls gave me a gift card to a GREAT art store in down town Victoria and  on the weekend I got a chance to spend it! I have been long wanting to move up from my beginner Crayola water colours to this amazing little travel set of Koi water colours so that is the first thing I grabbed!

They were used on the next two alphabets, which are by far my favourites so far.

There are 25 alphas in total in this class and I am done up to 19 so I guess being laid up with the ankle will help me get caught up! 

My garden is starting to bloom so I hope, with hubby's help to get it weeded so I can post some pics next week. "See" you then!

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  1. Ouch, your foot looks nasty! The alphabets look wonderful though, so I guess there is a bright side to everything. Take care of yourself!