Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Colour Challenged

Well, my entry for this week's ice cream inspiration "Mint Chocolate Chip" did not quite work out as planned.
I am taking yet another art class, this one on colour, so lots of experimenting with different mediums. 
This was using watercolour crayons with pencil crayon resist, but I think because I am using mixed media paper and not watercolour paper, the effect of the colours blending just did not happen well. I don't think I pressed quite hard enough on my pencils crayons either. But this is a process class and I am enjoying the process!

 So here is something else that might fit the bill, a lovely stack of new fabrics on the verge of becoming a baby quilt for the first "great" niece on my hubby's side.

That's it for today, but soon I will post some of the  pictures of my garden, that I captured between cloud bursts!


  1. Lovely journal pages...xxx

  2. Can hardly wait to see what you turn all that lovely fabric into!

  3. I love experimenting- and I love how your colors blend together with your circles!