Saturday, 16 June 2012

Paint Chip Challenge

Finally, here are the results of our quilt guild challenge. In October we each had to blindly choose an envelope with two paint chips in it. You were allowed to trade once but you had to KEEP your second pick.
I think my friend directly below was the only one who felt she couldn't work with her first pick (which were yellow and lilac......I would have LOVED that!) 
As you can see, we did get a really lovely evening for our BBQ and reveal. The sun was quite bright behind me so some of the chips are a little hard to see but you will get the idea. 
The lady who chose not show her face did so because she was holding someone else's project. 
All in all, GREAT results, and we hope everyone who has not yet completed theirs will have them done by the end of August. Our guild has the little art gallery space in the library for the whole month of September and we hope to showcase this project as well as lots of other of our members' wonderful work.

Thanks ladies!