Thursday, 12 July 2012

We're having a heat wave!

And hiding in my basement playroom is what I do to beat the heat. (I have no idea why this line is highlighted so I don't know how to fix it!)

Here a few things I have been working on:

 Strips sets built for the Oopsy Daisy quilt I am making for a class sample. It is from the StrataVarious Quilts book.

 A fun little art girl, that is still a work in progress.

A practice in using my pan pastels

 This one I did not build in my basement but went to the glass fusion studio to play last night. It is a new obsession and I cannot wait to see this one finished. Pretty proud that the flowers are from my own sketch! It is not the best pic as it is from my phone but I will share the finished product after it is all fired and ready to come home!

Hope are all having a wonderfully creative summer!


  1. Hope you are having a great summer too. Stay cool!

  2. Lovely projects you have going on. We won't complain about the heat now will we ? I love it!

  3. I hope you're keeping cool. Before we got central air, my children and I slept in sleeping bags on the floor in the basement. I do not like heat and humidity.
    I'd love to see the quilt when it's done. Cute drawings.