Thursday, 16 August 2012


Hubby does triathlons, marathons, duathlons, I do HEX-A-THONS! Way more fun doncha think??
I have been watching, since January, the blogs my friends Linda and Carla and the progress they are making on these little beauties and felt a bit jealous that I wasn't playing along.

SO, when I was in BC on vacation earlier this month I stopped in at Katja's to sign up. She is doing one hexie pattern each week for the whole year (and apparently has enough designed to keep going to a "few" more years!) and I am picking it up at week 31! I have some catching up to do!!! Anyone who does not come into the store to pick up the current week's  patterns and to have mine mailed to me there is a small fee which Katja is donating to Hospice House in Kamloops. My brother passed away there last year so the cause is really dear to me, thanks Katja!

First ever hexie project so need to read the instructions!

Really wanted to start while I was away but knew I needed to wait as I really need to use up some stash for this project. A collection of Pat Sloan fabrics, not sure all the colours will get used, but keeping my options open!

 So here we are with the Week one glue basted and ready to stitch

Now that the Olympics are done, need some evening hand work

On a side note the progress on the raggy baby quilt for the first "great" neice on hubby's side.

Have holiday photos to post, maybe on the weekend or early next week.
AND it will very soon be my Blog-averisary so stay tuned!


  1. Have fun! I'm still not tired of doing hexies after 11 years!

  2. Thanks for the blog-vertising Margaret! I like your fabric choices. Can't wait to see a few done.
    I'm now up over 330 designs of pieced hexagons on my computer. Just can't seem to stop.

  3. I like your your choice of bright coloured fabrics and am looking forward to see your blocks unfold. I am part of this addiction that started in January for me. I am at the store on Mondays to pick up my blocks. It is alot of fun.

  4. I found your blog on Katja's facebook page - I had no idea that she has more than one year's worth of weekly hexies. I hope she continues. winkwink. I just joined the hexathon a month ago but have not picked fabrics yet and it's driving me nuts as I want to get started. I hope you'll join my monthly hexie linky party: