Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hexie update

Weeks one, two, three and that is four in the baggie. The little baggie goes to work with me to work on during my lunch hour, my co-workers think I am nuts!

Week 5 ready to cut out

Baby girl raggy progress

On our travels home from summer vacation we stopped in the lovely little town of Field, British Columbia. It is at the base of the Kicking Horse Pass, east of Revelstoke, right below the spiral tunnel. It was once a thriving mining and railway community but now has a permanent population of 150 people. I think we were in the minority speaking English! Lots of lovely European visitors stopping by on their way to and from Jasper. A haze of smoke followed us all the way to Hinton, fires all over the west and even Siberia! 

If you have time on your travels to stop, it is a beautiful little town with a great restaurant called the Truffle Pigs, the food was great, and the ceiling is covered in these flying pigs!

It can be found in the Kicking Horse Lodge.

My friend Linda is having a Blog Hop party, check it out this Sunday!


  1. Your hex-a-thon blocks are looking lovely! I like your colours!

  2. Thanks for the plug! Your hexies are coming along nicely.

  3. I visit your blog regularly, you're on Linda's favorites, and I'm enjoying your art.
    I was nice to see you at Katja's this summer.
    Lovely give away!!!

  4. Thanks for the give away. I started following your blog when I started to follow 'Grace and Favor' She has a link from her blog to yours!

  5. My fool internet connection crashed but I wanted to let you know that I ALWAYS have hexies with me - at lunch, a meeting, my parents house. It's an addiction and good therapy. LOL. I'm adding you to my Google blog roll so I can see your hexies evolve.