Sunday, 30 September 2012

More Halloweenies

So this guy is a Pumpkin Santo's Cage Doll. Santos is the Spanish word for Saint and they were originally religious figurines. The cage area would be left empty or could hold little articles, kind of like a shrine. Today they have evolved into a collectable piece of artistic sculpture. Mine is a very primitive version, by design and by the experience of the maker! It is made from paper clay, but I could not find the premixed kind and had to mix the powder with water. This resulted in a sticky mess that was really hard to work with! I have since found the pre-made stuff and look forward to trying it out and seeing if I can get a smoother result. 
Regardless I love that he is a creepy creature!

Here is stage two of some canvases drying on the art room floor, had to crop it so you can't see the chaos of working in a tiny space that also houses all hubby's clothes.......couldn't quite crop out his laundry basket!
I will show them again when they are done, possibly in the next post...........I really should be quilting that tree skirt tho!

after thirty-five years with these..................

I am the happy, proud new owner of these!!!!.......................

 Have a great week!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hexies and Witches

Well here you go with Week 11-13, must find better light for my hexie photos, they are too dark these days.

 The girls are back in town! Feels like ages since I did any She Art, Christmas maybe? I am not at all a Halloween fan but she is just too cute to resist!

And this is the Tree Skirt/Table topper class sample I am struggling with! I am not crazy about the fabrics but my LQS has not yet received their new Christmas fabrics so it was slim pickins! The stars went together really well but the setting triangles cut by what the pattern says are too small so I had to trim and have lost some stars points and then had to mess with the borders as the instructions were poor for all in all, not my funnest quilt project ever! But this is why we make samples so we can get the bugs worked out and teach our students what NOT to do!

So I am making sushi for supper and then going to work on another fun Halloween project just to end my day on a better note!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

This and That

Not much of anything in particular to talk about today other than the fence is pretty much done!!!! Yeah!
Just the short bit between the fence and the garage left and hubby has some prep work to do first.

 For some time I have been asking the hubby to cut up some pine boards I have had for ages, but it just wasn't happening. SO...........I thought to myself, I have used the saw before, I can do this!
And so I did! 
I am woman see me saw!!!! 
Quite proud of my work and now I have lots of little wooden canvases for my mixed media projects.

While I was over at the neighbours painting fence boards, I spied these beauties, so I snipped off a few while no one was looking :)
I am taking a fabric painting class in October so they are all pressed between wax paper and ready to create some great stencils.

Happy to be back working on hexies again, working on a couple of quilt projects for class samples this winter and getting ready to go on our last camping trip of the summer. So glad to the weather is holding so beautifully!

Have a great weekend and we will "see" you again next week.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Hexie Linky Party

In no particular order here is the progress of my Hex-a-thon so far, I see the photo is a little dark, sorry.
I realized when looking at my last post I had week 10 assembled wrong so I took it apart and redid it.  
I am playing along on Sarah's  Hexie Linky Party so head on over and have a look! 

Hexie progress has been greatly slowed due to this!

We should have all but a little fence and gate behind the garage to keep the dogs in and have access to the winter's wood pile by tomorrow night (I HOPE!) 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hanging By a Thread

Thought I would share with you our quilt guild show, it is hanging in the gallery space in our newly renovated public library for the entire month of September.
We are a small group of 10-12 quilters who are very, very proud!
You can click on the photos to view them larger.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hexing along

 Just working away.............

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10 almost done

 Weeks 11-13

 Week 14

Just a little something else I have been playing around with!

Been busy working on my upcoming class samples for the fall but neither are done enough for show and tell.
My favourite mixed media artists are starting up their online classes for the fall next week so more of that content coming soon!
Have a great week!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

And the winner is.........

The winner of my Blog-aversary fat quarters is Gill, the FQ's will be winging their way to the UK!
Gill I sent you an email!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Too Much Work and Not Enough Play

Makes Margaret a tired girl! My co-worker has been on vacation so I did two weeks of full time work, something I am not used to at all. I enjoy working half time as it allows me to get my rest and to PLAY!!!!
Unfortunately it also means not much hexie progress but here is where I am at now:

Week 5 done, got out of order a bit, and weeks 7-10 ready to go. Hubby is off on his annual bike trip so this will be my evening company as I watch TV

 Remember this pile of fabric from a previous post?

It is now a baby quilt for hubby's first great niece,  if I can find a box it will be winging it's way to California tomorrow.

If you are a Facebook friend of mine you are probably sick of hearing about this beauty but I am so in love with her I cannot stand it!!

This is Daisy, my sweet Electra 3 speed retro cruiser, I love to ride her around town, she actually makes exercise fun!

I realize I neglected to say when I am going to draw for the fat quarters on my blog-aversary post, so you have until tomorrow morning to go back and comment on that post. I will then draw a random number to see who wins.
Thanks as always, hope you are enjoying a great long weekend!