Sunday, 30 September 2012

More Halloweenies

So this guy is a Pumpkin Santo's Cage Doll. Santos is the Spanish word for Saint and they were originally religious figurines. The cage area would be left empty or could hold little articles, kind of like a shrine. Today they have evolved into a collectable piece of artistic sculpture. Mine is a very primitive version, by design and by the experience of the maker! It is made from paper clay, but I could not find the premixed kind and had to mix the powder with water. This resulted in a sticky mess that was really hard to work with! I have since found the pre-made stuff and look forward to trying it out and seeing if I can get a smoother result. 
Regardless I love that he is a creepy creature!

Here is stage two of some canvases drying on the art room floor, had to crop it so you can't see the chaos of working in a tiny space that also houses all hubby's clothes.......couldn't quite crop out his laundry basket!
I will show them again when they are done, possibly in the next post...........I really should be quilting that tree skirt tho!

after thirty-five years with these..................

I am the happy, proud new owner of these!!!!.......................

 Have a great week!


  1. Your pumpkin is suhweeeeet! You've had a productive time with ART today! Looks like fun.
    You'll love your new pots and pans. I sure like mine. I need to check out the open stock ones soon though as I could use some smaller sizes since we've downsized... lol

  2. Looks like you are ready for halloween!