Thursday, 20 September 2012

This and That

Not much of anything in particular to talk about today other than the fence is pretty much done!!!! Yeah!
Just the short bit between the fence and the garage left and hubby has some prep work to do first.

 For some time I have been asking the hubby to cut up some pine boards I have had for ages, but it just wasn't happening. SO...........I thought to myself, I have used the saw before, I can do this!
And so I did! 
I am woman see me saw!!!! 
Quite proud of my work and now I have lots of little wooden canvases for my mixed media projects.

While I was over at the neighbours painting fence boards, I spied these beauties, so I snipped off a few while no one was looking :)
I am taking a fabric painting class in October so they are all pressed between wax paper and ready to create some great stencils.

Happy to be back working on hexies again, working on a couple of quilt projects for class samples this winter and getting ready to go on our last camping trip of the summer. So glad to the weather is holding so beautifully!

Have a great weekend and we will "see" you again next week.


  1. I will tackle just about any tool but the table saw - I want to keep my fingers. It's easier to hexie that way :) Speaking of camping tho - I keep avoiding the axe. I need to overcome that. Can't wait to see your new mixed media boards!

  2. Yeah for you on tackling the saw! And what a lovely stash you have now...

  3. You go girl!!! If you really want something done, it is sometimes best to just do it yourself. lol.

  4. I was tossing around the idea of taking the painting class but it seems I have so much on my plate already - enjoy! Those fern fronds will be awesome.
    Enjoy your camping, supposed to be a spectacular weekend.