Monday, 3 September 2012

Too Much Work and Not Enough Play

Makes Margaret a tired girl! My co-worker has been on vacation so I did two weeks of full time work, something I am not used to at all. I enjoy working half time as it allows me to get my rest and to PLAY!!!!
Unfortunately it also means not much hexie progress but here is where I am at now:

Week 5 done, got out of order a bit, and weeks 7-10 ready to go. Hubby is off on his annual bike trip so this will be my evening company as I watch TV

 Remember this pile of fabric from a previous post?

It is now a baby quilt for hubby's first great niece,  if I can find a box it will be winging it's way to California tomorrow.

If you are a Facebook friend of mine you are probably sick of hearing about this beauty but I am so in love with her I cannot stand it!!

This is Daisy, my sweet Electra 3 speed retro cruiser, I love to ride her around town, she actually makes exercise fun!

I realize I neglected to say when I am going to draw for the fat quarters on my blog-aversary post, so you have until tomorrow morning to go back and comment on that post. I will then draw a random number to see who wins.
Thanks as always, hope you are enjoying a great long weekend!


  1. The quilt is adorable---as is the bike!!

  2. Your hexies are coming along nicely! And yes, your bike is a beauty. LOL!

  3. Still SSSSSSsssooooooooo jealous over that beautiful Miss Daisy! Your hexies are looking good Margaret!

  4. So does Bruce have Mr. Duke? Love Miss Daisy!Hexies still in planning stage...

    1. not yet, but now that he has ridden mine he sure wants one! Guess he needs to work some OT!

  5. Can't wait to see the fronts/fabrics for those hexies :)
    Love the bike - I agree that she would make exercise fun!