Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Quilt retreat, next to Christmas, is my favourite time of the year. Lots of old friends and a few new, lots of laughs, a few tears and some pretty amazing food! 

lots of pretty quilts for you to enjoy!

I would love to complain about this and how early winter has arrived but given what is going on on the east coast, I am actually pretty thankful. Praying for their safety.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

In Between

Well, the weather has decidedly turned wintery here and you can see some members of my family suffer terribly! Poor things.

Another fall prairie sunrise, you have to be looking out at just the right moment as they are fleeting.

 I am currently kind of between projects so I spent time on the weekend prepping a bunch of hexies.

 Cuz I am off to retreat this weekend at Sawmill Creek Cottages.

 This project for church has been on my plate since late last spring and now that I am pretty much finished deadline quilts I am able to work at it. It has been a long time since I have been just a sewer so it is a bit of a challenge. Maybe I will be able to make some pillows with piping by the time I am done!

 Starting yet another art class! 

Have a great week!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hexie Linky Party!

Been waiting all month for today's post! 
You can join the party or just go and have a look at everyone's projects 

Since September started and fall activities have ramped up my hexie progress has slowed, but I am still plugging away!

Since the last party I have finished weeks 11-16.

Here are weeks 17 & 18 waiting for some free evenings.

Here is what I am aspiring to! Katja's completed project, pretty fabulous eh? 

 This project on Sarah's blog has me completely intrigued, but I needed Katja's help to break it down. I really, really want to start this, especially since I have been sorting my scraps the last week or so, BUT I am trying to be strong and finish my
 Hex-a-thon first (ha! wish me luck with THAT, LOL) 

Hop on over to Sarah's and be inspired by everyone's projects!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A little bit of everything today.

This is a canvas I forgot to post last time, I really am in love with it, it is now my favourite!

 Saturday our guild had an "Add a Stripe" workshop with Margie Davidson from Edmonton. This is my project based on some tough lessons learned and a bit of wasted fabric (but she told us we had to get over being frugal with it!). I learned allot and enjoyed the class allot more than I thought I would.
If you a prone to migraines, don't look too close!!

I got my information mixed up and missed Margie's trunk show but did get to enjoy this instead! Oh my goodness it was delish! Lobster flown in live from Nova Scotia!

Sadly fall came to a very abrupt halt last week and we had this nastiness :(

But as soon as I start complaining about the changing of the season, Mother Nature gives me this! 
Sunrise from my back deck

and this! 
Sunrise from the parking lot at work.

and this!!!

Went out to the glass fusion studio last night to work on some Christmas ornaments, and they were not easy! Fortunately the kiln is forgiving and things usually look much, much better after they are fired. The lovely ones in the background belong to the instructor. I did get to use the scroll saw for the first time on the tree, that is going to take some practice.

Stay tuned, tomorrow is hexie linky party day!!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

strings and scraps

Since starting my Oopsy Daisy Quilt, I have become a bit obsessed with String Quilts (add that to my new obsession with hexagons, but that is another post!). I have found some patterns I really love, this one and hereand the spiderweb. I particularly like monochromatic ones, so realizing that and after reading  Sunday Morning Quilts, I decided I needed to sort my scraps. So, today I am fighting a cold and feeling a bit under the weather and decided I needed something mindless to do and I began (this is just the tip of the iceberg!) to sort my scraps by colour.

Once or twice a year I take the big pile of bits I have thrown under the table and cut them into strips and squares so that is currently how they are all sorted. This picture represents one bin of squares and one bin of strips, like I said, tip of the iceberg! They will get moved into more consistent and storable sized containers once I am done with the process. The only strips that will survive the sort will be my 1.5" as I cannot give up my scrappy log cabin stash just yet. 

I am heading to quilt retreat at the end of the month so maybe few will come along on a play date!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

More hexies, I think week 15 and 16. Production goes down when the number of pieces go up!
I found the one on the right to be the most challenging so far, and it appears there are few more with lots of pieces coming up!
Also been doing lots more art pieces lately so the quilting slows down, hard to do both. You know, never enough time!

The tree skirt/table topper is done and going off to the quilt shop for a class sample, hurray!!!!

This is my next quilting project, saw it on Carla's blog, probably last winter and decided it would be a great quilt to donate to our festival of the trees. It is a free pattern from the Moda site, Jovial by Basic Grey. So far it has been lots of fun to make......36 of those trees, that are kinda 3D and now I am on to making 196 3D pin-wheels from 2.5" squares, lots of pressing and hot fingers.

More photos to come of course but for now I am off to get the errands done that got delayed by a dead truck battery this morning!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Here a few more Halloween canvases...........the first two are being donated to to this  fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House. A friend's young granddaughter has been fighting cancer for the last year and the house in Edmonton really has become their second home. 

And these are for me............for not being much of a Halloween person, I am enjoying having some decorations around the house.