Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A little bit of everything today.

This is a canvas I forgot to post last time, I really am in love with it, it is now my favourite!

 Saturday our guild had an "Add a Stripe" workshop with Margie Davidson from Edmonton. This is my project based on some tough lessons learned and a bit of wasted fabric (but she told us we had to get over being frugal with it!). I learned allot and enjoyed the class allot more than I thought I would.
If you a prone to migraines, don't look too close!!

I got my information mixed up and missed Margie's trunk show but did get to enjoy this instead! Oh my goodness it was delish! Lobster flown in live from Nova Scotia!

Sadly fall came to a very abrupt halt last week and we had this nastiness :(

But as soon as I start complaining about the changing of the season, Mother Nature gives me this! 
Sunrise from my back deck

and this! 
Sunrise from the parking lot at work.

and this!!!

Went out to the glass fusion studio last night to work on some Christmas ornaments, and they were not easy! Fortunately the kiln is forgiving and things usually look much, much better after they are fired. The lovely ones in the background belong to the instructor. I did get to use the scroll saw for the first time on the tree, that is going to take some practice.

Stay tuned, tomorrow is hexie linky party day!!


  1. I am very much into stripes lately so I love the runner. I did however have to pass right over the picture with the "S" word - not ready to see that yet...

    1. You will notice I did not ACTUALLY use the "S" word, thank goodness it all melted on Saturday!

  2. ooohhh - almost missed it until my comment posted - I can't wait to have you join HeLP tomorrow!

  3. You got alot done after I left - I like the arrangement. Thanks for sharing. BTW the steak and lobster looks yummy!

    1. Once I had the cutting figured out in my head, it went fast. Had to fussy cut the last two big triangles as I didn't have enough fabric left to cut another square.