Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hexie Linky Party!

Been waiting all month for today's post! 
You can join the party or just go and have a look at everyone's projects 

Since September started and fall activities have ramped up my hexie progress has slowed, but I am still plugging away!

Since the last party I have finished weeks 11-16.

Here are weeks 17 & 18 waiting for some free evenings.

Here is what I am aspiring to! Katja's completed project, pretty fabulous eh? 

 This project on Sarah's blog has me completely intrigued, but I needed Katja's help to break it down. I really, really want to start this, especially since I have been sorting my scraps the last week or so, BUT I am trying to be strong and finish my
 Hex-a-thon first (ha! wish me luck with THAT, LOL) 

Hop on over to Sarah's and be inspired by everyone's projects!


  1. Looks great Margaret. Isn't that puzzle cool?

  2. Your Hex-a-thon blocks are looking great Margaret. And I too love that puzzle block. Hhhhmmmm.....there are too many hexagons floating around in my brain.

  3. Oh - you can't possibly wait until January (when the hexathon is over) to start the puzzle. Too far away! Let me know if you need help with the puzzle and I highly suggest you treat yourself to the acrylic templates as it makes fussy cutting your scraps easier/faster.

    Your hexies look great - I just love all the fussy cutting. I need to get caught up on some other hexie projects before I can even start my hexathon - that or I am too chicken to commit to the FQ bundle I pulled out of the stash...

    1. I am only on week 17 so I am not going to be finished by January! I will look for the templates for sure, thanks!

  4. Your fussy cutting is really paying off!

  5. oh my, your current project is amazing!! I too am going to start on Sarah's puzzel --too cool!