Thursday, 11 October 2012

strings and scraps

Since starting my Oopsy Daisy Quilt, I have become a bit obsessed with String Quilts (add that to my new obsession with hexagons, but that is another post!). I have found some patterns I really love, this one and hereand the spiderweb. I particularly like monochromatic ones, so realizing that and after reading  Sunday Morning Quilts, I decided I needed to sort my scraps. So, today I am fighting a cold and feeling a bit under the weather and decided I needed something mindless to do and I began (this is just the tip of the iceberg!) to sort my scraps by colour.

Once or twice a year I take the big pile of bits I have thrown under the table and cut them into strips and squares so that is currently how they are all sorted. This picture represents one bin of squares and one bin of strips, like I said, tip of the iceberg! They will get moved into more consistent and storable sized containers once I am done with the process. The only strips that will survive the sort will be my 1.5" as I cannot give up my scrappy log cabin stash just yet. 

I am heading to quilt retreat at the end of the month so maybe few will come along on a play date!


  1. That is just THE best book!

  2. My you are ambitious. I haven't got the energy to sort my scraps. lol.

  3. I'm way behind on sorting my scraps but my latest scrappy hexie project is helping one piece at a time :) good luck and I hope you feel better soon...