Saturday, 24 November 2012

Not too much creative stuff going on this week...............
But talk about opposite ends of the spectrum, my smallest and largest canvases to date.
These little houses are 2x4 and will be little ornaments. Currently there are decorative keys sitting on top but not sure if they will stay. Just trying out different ways to attach a hanging ribbon.

and this is my largest canvas, finally finished. I think it is 18x36 and was lots of fun to make.......need to find a place to hang it but will tuck it away for now as the Christmas decorations will soon be coming out of storage. 

The latest on my arm situation...........went back to try to see my MD yesterday but ended up seeing someone else. Due to our doctor shortage we have lots of locums here, some I like, some not so much. This particular one I really liked. He has recommended that I have surgery, he feels my symptoms are too advanced for more conservative measures. So I have an appointment to see my own MD, who is also the surgeon who does the carpal tunnel procedure here, to get the process in motion. Hope to have the right one done next month and then wait and see how the left one does after that. The locum did suggest some interesting pain management that I will start today. Sure hope it helps, have lots to do to get ready for Christmas! 
Have a great weekend, we are off to Grande Prairie to see Journey, Loverboy and Night Ranger (DH's choice, I am just along for the ride!)

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Festival of Trees

Here is my quilt on display!

And following are a few of my favourite displays.

The lucky winner of the one below got to sit and be served there at the Gala opening last night. Then they get to take all the table wear home at the end of the event.

Love, love, love this chandelier!

This the best youth entry winner

My friend Carole made these adorable penquins!
Another friend won it at the live auction!

Love this nativity

This was the best tree winner

Me with my ribbon for winning best fabric entry. The quilt raised $900 for our local women's the live auction, I am  SO pleased!! Totally worth the effort. Thanks Chris for the awesome quilting job! They are hoping to replace all the bunk beds this year so this should help!

and here is my Oopsy Daisy..........THIS close to being done! Only have the binding to sew down..............however! My hand issue has been diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome and I have been banned from quilting for the weekend to try to get the acute symptoms to calm down.......I had to fold it up and put it away so it won't temp me!

I bought this beauty at an antique shop today, and it will be the home of some of the Christmas art works I have planned, then I think it will house some quilt blocks. I saw it at this store in the summer and have not been able to stop thinking about it. It was still there so I think it was meant to be mine!

It's Hexie Linky day!!! Unfortunately due to the aforementioned hand issue, production is at a dead stop! But here are all the blocks I have done so far. I am now on the the lookout for a suitable background fabric. 

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, 12 November 2012

It's done!
I just have to go buy a long enough dowel and it will be delivered to the Festival of Trees this week! I simply cannot wait to see it hanging there!

Meanwhile I have felt a need to get going on my Chile scrapbook, would hate to be a vacation behind!

With my hand tingling issue, the production has ground to a halt but I am beginning to audition fabrics for the background............and this is not it.

Advent and the season of purple altar vestments begins December 2nd so this is today's main task, get these done!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

On Pins and Needles

I am literally on pins and needles, I have developed what we hope is tendinitis and NOT carpal tunnel in my right arm, cause lots of pins and needles in my hand. So...........that makes binding this 75 inch square quilt a longer process than usual. I would normally have it done in a night or two but I am not done yet and I have been working on it for 3 nights. It is my entry for the Festival of the Trees, a local fund raiser for the Women's Shelter. I will post a full picture once it is hanging on display.

The aforementioned ailment is also slowing this production down but here  are weeks 17-21. Starting to think about what fabric I might use as my background........hmmmmm????

Here is a sampling of the fabrics I have done in my fabric painting class, tonight we cut into them and start making something, always hard to do with these beauties!

Also, have a variety of art projects on the go but nothing in a state that is ready for show and tell, maybe next time!

Off this morning to the glass fusion studio to play and make some Christmas gifts!