Saturday, 24 November 2012

Not too much creative stuff going on this week...............
But talk about opposite ends of the spectrum, my smallest and largest canvases to date.
These little houses are 2x4 and will be little ornaments. Currently there are decorative keys sitting on top but not sure if they will stay. Just trying out different ways to attach a hanging ribbon.

and this is my largest canvas, finally finished. I think it is 18x36 and was lots of fun to make.......need to find a place to hang it but will tuck it away for now as the Christmas decorations will soon be coming out of storage. 

The latest on my arm situation...........went back to try to see my MD yesterday but ended up seeing someone else. Due to our doctor shortage we have lots of locums here, some I like, some not so much. This particular one I really liked. He has recommended that I have surgery, he feels my symptoms are too advanced for more conservative measures. So I have an appointment to see my own MD, who is also the surgeon who does the carpal tunnel procedure here, to get the process in motion. Hope to have the right one done next month and then wait and see how the left one does after that. The locum did suggest some interesting pain management that I will start today. Sure hope it helps, have lots to do to get ready for Christmas! 
Have a great weekend, we are off to Grande Prairie to see Journey, Loverboy and Night Ranger (DH's choice, I am just along for the ride!)

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  1. As an antique key collector I hope you'll use the keys. They would make great first home/first Christmas type gifts.