Tuesday, 6 November 2012

On Pins and Needles

I am literally on pins and needles, I have developed what we hope is tendinitis and NOT carpal tunnel in my right arm, cause lots of pins and needles in my hand. So...........that makes binding this 75 inch square quilt a longer process than usual. I would normally have it done in a night or two but I am not done yet and I have been working on it for 3 nights. It is my entry for the Festival of the Trees, a local fund raiser for the Women's Shelter. I will post a full picture once it is hanging on display.

The aforementioned ailment is also slowing this production down but here  are weeks 17-21. Starting to think about what fabric I might use as my background........hmmmmm????

Here is a sampling of the fabrics I have done in my fabric painting class, tonight we cut into them and start making something, always hard to do with these beauties!

Also, have a variety of art projects on the go but nothing in a state that is ready for show and tell, maybe next time!

Off this morning to the glass fusion studio to play and make some Christmas gifts!


  1. Hope they are able to fix your arm, you kind of need it! The hexagons are looking great!

  2. I can feel your pain - literally, as I have CT and Thoracic Outlet Syndrom and have had Tendonitis - all in my right arm/shoulder. Moderation is the key to not aggrevating any of them. I sometimes have to step back from the hexies or binding until things get better :( Learning some neck/arm exercises has helpd me - have you asked about some physical therapy?

    Your painted fabrics are gorgeous - did you batik them or they were WOW?

    1. Thanks Sarah, I work in the Physical Therapy department at our hospital, so I have spoken to one of our PT about how to manage it and have made some changes to my habits and environments. If it doesn't improve in the next weeks we will start some PT.
      The fabrics as all painted, with brushes, and then scrunched and had stuff layered over to imprint designs. Most are just bleached and unbleached muslin, some are commercial fabrics WOW and coloured.