Thursday, 6 December 2012

quick up date

Here are the finished candle holders, which officially finishes the Christmas gift production!

So now I can play at just creating for the pure joy of it. 
These are works in progress, this and three other canvases will go into the openings of the window frame

and this is the beginning of a paper-clay snowman!

Hoping to make lots of progress on these over the next two weeks as I am slated to have my first carpal tunnel surgery on December 18th. 

Winter has seriously settled in here, woke up to -31C temperatures, warmed up to -21C and is currently sliding back down again. Snowsuit over party clothes for my staff party tomorrow!


  1. The candles are wonderful! Glad it's you and not me freezing your but off. Try and stay warm.

  2. Purple for me, please! LOL! The reindeer canvas is wonderful. :)