Saturday, 1 December 2012

Santa's Workshop

Santa's workshop is busy, busy here but it's all top secret, so lots of pictures are off limits until after the big day!

Here are some glass ornaments that I made at the Glass Fusion Studio, most of which I am keeping. I just love the icicles and they were the easiest to make.

These are a leftover idea from last year, they started out as a fence post (left from that FUN fencing building project we had early in the fall).
A friend graciously cut them on his table saw, I then had to source out a hole bit and drill big enough to handle it. And again my gracious friend got rid of the middle bit with his drill press. They will be fun candle  holders when done.

 In spite of the bad wrists, I am taking a machine quilting class. Got some funny looks and comments from some of the ladies that I taught to quilt about why I might be in the class. Well..........I can machine quilt, I can stipple up a storm, but I am not very brave about trying new patterns. So I am taking the class to get out of the stippling rut and try some new patterns. Our instruction Carole has put us on to Leah Day's website. If you are a machine quilter, you must check out this amazing young woman.

It is winter here, and I am NOT happy. We already have more snow than we had the entire last winter!
We just had a "didn't stop snowing for two days" storm and this is the result

This pile doesn't usually get this high until well into January!

Stay warm and have a great weekend friends!


  1. Love your creations- those bright candle holders are so cheery!

  2. Thanks Jayme, I am having fun using up some of the Basic Grey POM scraps!