Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Here is the travelling canvas again. I just added the hearts hanging in the tree and the three in the little flower garden, think it added a bit of balance to the overall look.

Wasn't really crazy about how the hearts and month/year weren't really standing out so I did some darker outlining to the Art Journal Calendar February pages and am more pleased with it now.

Here is the beginnings of March, thought it needed to be bright and happy for our trip to the Caribbean!

"Be Still My Heart" is the final product of that raw canvas I showed you in this post. It is not an original piece, but the class project. I learned allot, would do a few things differently but holy moly I sure LOVE the results!!! 

Hope you are all staying warm, we sure are struggling to with wind chills in the -30's!

Saturday, 26 January 2013


I am now almost 6 weeks into the recovery of my right hand surgery, and two weeks into the left. The left is doing far better than the right was at the same point. The right still has some range of motion issue due to some remaining inflammation so..............

I am working on lots of things for short periods of time, cannot yet sit and work for hours on one project. That being said here are lots of pictures of all the works in progress.

The first is part of a project I am involved in with a group of fellow artists in a class I am taking.
This the the "Travelling Canvas" portion of my class My Crazy Life. I am the fourth person to work on it, fifth actually if you count the instructor and there are two more students after me. It will eventually be auctioned off for charity. I will get my portion done this weekend and send it off on it's travels again. I think it needs a few little hearts hanging from the tree and maybe a few heart flowers in a that little garden just to balance out that large heart on the left. 

I am thinking of having a little art sale next Christmas so I am starting to build some inventory. This cute guy is all done.

This one is still in progress

My fellow quilters here in the Alberta north think I am nuts, but I really like hand work, it is how I learned to quilt many years ago. So this is a new project......pinterest is a dangerous place, far, far too many ideas!

It started out as a Block of the Month from an Australian quilter through Amite Textiles, but is now a self produced little pattern book, the pages are not shiny so it is hard to take a clear picture but you get the idea. The block I have started is third from the left in the third row.

Very slow but some progress, the small pieces are still very challenging for the right hand. Have some physio scheduled so hope to be back to full capacity in a few weeks!

 Here is my progress on the string baby quilt, a few more sets to make then it can go on the design wall for assembly!

The snow just does not stop, our back yard is feeling like a cave! Five weeks until we escape to sunny. warm Belize!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hello Again


I am on the mend from my second hand surgery, seems allot easier this time as I at least have to use of my right hand!

Here is a little snowman that has been in my brain since before the first surgery!

And another guy in the works

This is start of my first lesson in a year of classes from Donna Downey's Canvas Create
It is just the first layer, made with rigid wrap-the stuff they make casts out of. I did this around 3 p.m yesterday and as of 9 a.m this morning it still isn't dry. Painting it is going to be the challenging part, it is really porous.

While in recovery mode and not able to sew is a good time to plan and organize the next "few" quilting projects!

Here in the Alberta north we had a major Chinook on Tuesday, +7C, and a big, big melt, which of course froze over night and yesterday our world was a giant skating rink.
Well, today Mother Nature has decided to give it all back and then some, it is a good day to stay home and be creative!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Here We Go Again

Well, tomorrow is surgery number two, and I am more anxious than the first time! It is not about being nervous about the actual surgery, it is about being incapacitated for at least two weeks. I am NOT a patient patient!

The right hand improves steadily, I have more than half a hat knit.

But the fine motor control/range of motion isn't quite there yet, so this was not as successful.

I do have my February Calendar Challenge page done, not as happy with this one as January's but it is all about the process. Also never really realized that 3 of my 5 nieces and nephews were born in February.

I have decided to join the 2013 Finish-A-Long at she can quilt as motivation to get some of these UFO's off my list. 

These quilts are my list of the first quarter:

A scrappy string quilt, that will be the baby quilt for hubby's new great nephew born Boxing Day

This is one of my oldest UFO's, from 2001/02. The top has been finished for a long time, but because it is all hand appliqu├ęd I felt it deserved to be hand quilted- that never happened. All that remains to be quilted is the in the ditch around the blocks and fillers.

This is from a kit I bought while on the quilt shop hop in Las Vegas in 2011. I am looking forward to trying out some of the filler patterns I learned in a recent Free Motion Fillers class.

This is from another kit, bought at the High Prairie quilt show, I think around 2009 maybe? It also lends itself to trying different fillers inside the squares.

I have high aspirations but with the next surgery and our March vacation, I will be happy if one or two get done.

My prize post did not go as well as I hoped, I think my visitors are all shy! So Sarah you are the winner of the pin cushion. Email me with your snail mail and I will get it off to you.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Prize day!

Hello friends!

Happy to be almost feeling like my old self again and getting back to creating.
Decided the new year was a good time to organize the paint drawer, sure wish I had thought to take a before pic of the crazy chaos it was. I have so much paint that I just want to use it up before I ever buy more so this is a great way to see what I have.

Working away some more on my Calendar Art Journal Challenge, want to be a bit ahead before the next surgery.

Here is this year's title page:

and this is the beginnings of February:

As promised on my last post, here is my little thank you prize, a fun little so girly pincushion, for helping me surpass 5000 hits!
In order to qualify, you need to leave me a comment, telling me where you are from, (I see I have followers from all over the world) and how you came to my blog, I am always very curious about that.

I'll draw a random number on Tuesday Jan 8 @ 8 p.m. MT

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello 2013!

Welcome to a brand new year!

Thinking back on 2012, I would say the biggest highlight was our trip to Chile last February, and then the addition of a new great niece and great nephew for hubby.
This year we anticipate our trip to Belize in March and our youngest daughter graduating from university later in the year. 

This year as well, I have decided to join a group of artists doing an Art Journal Calendar challenge under the mentorship of  Kate Crane.
My hand is recovering really well but I had an unfortunate run in with some medication that slowed things down somewhat, so I was really happy to get this done yesterday, just in time!!

Feels good to be doing something creative again even if I can't quite manage a rotary cutter yet.

I am fast approaching 5000 hits here on my humble little blog so I will be back later this week with a give away, stay tuned!