Sunday, 10 February 2013


Where have the last two weeks gone?
I guess, getting back into the swing of back to work and starting therapy on my hands to get full movement and strength back. It's slow but it's coming, I am happy the symptoms are all gone. Have been working on lots of things a little at a time, but nothing finished!

This is a sneak peak at my current canvas in progress.

The first circle game block completed, minus borders. The directions leave all the borders to the end but I think I will do them as I get two or three done. Hand sewing is still slow so not much hexie progress yet.

and here is block two, just loosely laid out, but not stitched. 

The machine stitching is also slow on the baby quilt, only about an hour each time I sit down, not back to marathon sessions here either. All the centre beige squares are quilted with "lollipops" from  Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting project. A little hard to see in this photo, but hopefully you get the idea. The strip sections have been picked out twice now as I am still unhappy/undecided with what should go in there.......really wanted to expand and try new patterns, but of course I want it to be perfect too!! 


 I have a real thing for string quilts lately (good thing, I have LOTS of scraps to use up!) and recently purchased this book.

 A pineapple log cabin has been on a my bucket list a LONG time.........

and I have finally started. This quilt will need 224 of these 5.5" blocks! 
2 down, 222 to go!

Knitting really seems to be the best therapy at the moment so this is what I work on in the evenings until my hands are hexie worthy again. It will be a toque (woollen winter hat for non Canadians!) for my hubby. Learning to knit on two circular needles on this project.

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, it is a glorious day here in the north!


  1. Well, your hands have been busy for someone who is recovering. Good for you!

    1. Thanks Linda, I need to have busy hands, have no idea what to do with myself otherwise!

  2. I love me a string quilt! That's a lot of blocks by the way! Enjoy all your projects

    1. Thanks Carla,
      It is a long term project! Works well now when I can't machine quilt for too long.

  3. Your circle game quilt is going to be very colorful! Take care of your hands and you'll be back to hexies in no time :)