Saturday, 23 March 2013

Finally fully back

Took my brain a few extra days to arrive back in Canada, but sadly I think we have it mostly back together.

Spent today quilting with my guild ladies and made lots of progress on the baby quilt, in spite of broken thread, empty bobbins and a bobbin completely lost somewhere in the base of the machine!! Only I could pull that one. Now have to do some surgery on my Grand Quilter to have it extracted. 
I have to quilt like mad this week if I hope to get into the first quarter Finish it up at, deadline is next Sunday!

Another beret (is more green in real life), that I have been working on obsessively instead of piecing hexies.

Just realized I have not shared these beauties that my brother brought back from Indonesia for me. 

Taking an advanced She Art Class from Christy Tomlinson and this is my first girl. Lots to learn and practice but I am fairly pleased with my first attempt. 
Also the reason there is not more progress on the baby quilt. 

One more holiday photo, have not been on the back of a motorcycle since I was 16 years old!


  1. Wow Margaret. Your quilting looks great! Feathers yet ; )

    1. Thanks, my first feathers! My shoulder are saying maybe my last! LOL

  2. The Indonesian fabrics are fabulous - do you know what you are going to make with them?

    1. The border print will be a wrap skirt, the others I am not sure yet.