Thursday, 25 April 2013


Apparently my plants are also confused by the lack of spring weather around here!

Caught this this morning, I had been up for two hours and had not seen them yet, tough to be a dog in this house I tell ya.

Enjoying the progress on my Supernova quilt, however, I discovered last night that I only have 7 cut out instead of 9. Good thing all that fabric is still in a pile all together!

Have a great day! I am hoping to finally get my bike out this afternoon. They are predicting rain showers (and heaven forbid she get wet or dirty!) but it looks pretty nice outside now. 4C is not quite warm enough tho, need some afternoon heat!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Premature Post

After my joyful post about spring earlier this week, this is sadly what we woke up to this morning :(
It is already melting, thankfully!

To cheer things up, this is what this week's creativity amounted too, another faceless girl, one of these weeks I will get to the class on making faces.

A finished hat for my oldest DD, just needs a pressing. Putting the knitting away now for a bit to get some hexies done!

Progress on FAL Q2! first block of my Supernova quilt finished, and I like it!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sure Signs of Spring

Motorcycles, sports cars, kids on bikes, dogs being walked, pot holes being filled, the street sweeper..........but the surest sign of spring around these parts is when the river breaks open, and that happened last weekend!!!

 We have had some really lovely spring weather so I was full of joy today about being able to take my workout off the treadmill, out of the basement and onto our very popular walking is literally out my front door!

 I was on the lookout for pussy willows but they are further down the bank than I am willing to venture! But a quick trip around the yard to pick up all the trash that appears when the snow melts and I found these little shoots of my iris coming up. This is the south side of the house that gets nice and warm during the day. 
If the weather holds I will spend some time cleaning out flower beds this weekend.

This is all the snow that is left in the yard, that is what remains of the big hill I showed a few times over the winter. 

Nothing creative to show, have been working lots and fighting a bad cold, so this week is catch up. Hopefully tomorrow I can spend the whole day playing!
 I work part time for a reason! 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Q2 FAL list

 Second quarter Finish Along has begun and of the four from last quarter, these two make a reappearance for this quarter.

This one is in the machine and partially quilted already!

Super Nova, was the quilt that put my hands over the edge! Most of it got cut out at retreat in October but has not been touched since. Not sure if it will get completed but it will sure get some progress!

Loving the motivation this challenge provides!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Q1 FAL #2

Amazing what you can get done when you get a late spring hit of winter! I have not left the house in two days!
I did manage to get my second Finish Along completed from this list. One of my oldest UFO's, it is one of Katja's  first designs (and one of my first appliqué quilts!) that I started before 2002 when we moved to the north. I am really, really good at stippling but other free motion quilting, not so much, so I was afraid to ruin it with my quilting. It is far from perfect but I am LOVING it done and hanging on my living room wall. 


I spent yesterday catching up a bit on my She Art 3 class and got these two girls completed. The brown skin tone of the girl on the left is quite off but I really like her otherwise! The next set of lessons is on how to do faces, but I really do love my faceless girls. 

It is snowing again today so I think after church I will be start working on my Q2 FAL projects!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

A bit of what I have been working on this week.

My March project for Donna Downey's Canvas Create

Another beret, I am quite addicted to knitting these. This one is for my oldest DD.

Four more hexies prepped and ready to stitch

Going to try to get my second Finish Along project done this weekend as well. Hop on over there, lots of great tutorials this week. 

Off to Grande Prairie today with my BFF for some retail therapy, I have birthday money to burn!!