Saturday, 20 April 2013

Premature Post

After my joyful post about spring earlier this week, this is sadly what we woke up to this morning :(
It is already melting, thankfully!

To cheer things up, this is what this week's creativity amounted too, another faceless girl, one of these weeks I will get to the class on making faces.

A finished hat for my oldest DD, just needs a pressing. Putting the knitting away now for a bit to get some hexies done!

Progress on FAL Q2! first block of my Supernova quilt finished, and I like it!


  1. Great Supernova! It's snowing here off and on today too

  2. Well, it may be snowing at Carla's house, but of course in Brock spring showers are happening. LOL. Love your girls, whether they have faces or not!

  3. We also had more snow over the weekend tho not nearly as much as you got. Thankfully it's all gone and we are back up in to the 50s.