Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sure Signs of Spring

Motorcycles, sports cars, kids on bikes, dogs being walked, pot holes being filled, the street sweeper..........but the surest sign of spring around these parts is when the river breaks open, and that happened last weekend!!!

 We have had some really lovely spring weather so I was full of joy today about being able to take my workout off the treadmill, out of the basement and onto our very popular walking is literally out my front door!

 I was on the lookout for pussy willows but they are further down the bank than I am willing to venture! But a quick trip around the yard to pick up all the trash that appears when the snow melts and I found these little shoots of my iris coming up. This is the south side of the house that gets nice and warm during the day. 
If the weather holds I will spend some time cleaning out flower beds this weekend.

This is all the snow that is left in the yard, that is what remains of the big hill I showed a few times over the winter. 

Nothing creative to show, have been working lots and fighting a bad cold, so this week is catch up. Hopefully tomorrow I can spend the whole day playing!
 I work part time for a reason! 

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