Monday, 27 May 2013


Where does two whole weeks go?
Mainly to my obsessive need to spring clean this year. 

This room is so clean, tidy, organized, I just want to stand in the doorway and admire it!

That, and more knitting...........second DD's beret, then I am moving on to mittens! Seems like a good summer project, right?

My sister is here visiting, and we got her going on this project,

While I slowly added progress to this long term project of mine, 4 down, 220 to go!


I took her out to the glass studio and she made these lovely sun catchers from some kits for Sharon's summer cancer fundraiser.

I painstakingly cut all the pieces for this one!

Hubby and I went camping the May long weekend and had to take our little river ferry, I love that little crossing.


Hubby built himself a new bike, took it for a test ride, something broke right away so he was soon back to the campsite. He really wanted to go for a ride, so off he went on Miss Daisy! I am sure he was quite the sight out on the highway!

Hope to see you again sooner than two weeks!

Sunday, 12 May 2013


It sure has been a long time since I was this obsessed with a quilt!
But I am really happy with how it turned out, and with hubby for being willing to do the photo op on our way to church this morning. 
Now to figure out a back and get it sandwiched, can't stop now it is one of my Finish Alongs
for this quarter!

It's amazing how many hexies you can get done when you don't knit every night!
These are week 27 & 28

And 29 & 30 in progress

I am doing a hexie tutorial at guild this week so OF COURSE I had to start the hexie puzzle from Sarah's blog. I have also been obsessing about this one since she first posted about it. 

Spring truly is here, and I wanted to post more pics of how my garden grows but we had one heck a thunder storm this afternoon. It cleared quickly but the wind is still gusting insanely and I don't want to fight it to get pics. Will have to wait for my next post but the nicer it is outside the fewer creative things I get to inside!

I just learned this afternoon that one of my quilting buddies in Kamloops passed away today,
RIP Lillian.

Thursday, 2 May 2013


I am almost afraid to say the word, in case I scare it away! We had winter again last Friday and it is has taken all week for the temperatures to come back up!

But our wonderful spring hike in the hills today found us all photographing these beauties!!

We were hiking the same area where we did the winter walk in February.

You can see we still do have a little winter hanging on around the edges. Yes that white stuff is ice, not sand!

I never posted my April calendar page as I wasn't that crazy about it, but now I see it is needed for the context of May!

Creatively, I have been working along on my Supernova, two blocks to go.

 And attempting to get my Chile 2012 scrapbook done so I can start on Belize 2013! I am not usually a trip behind, not sure what happened there, but I have til next March to get caught up!

If this weather keeps up, all creativity will slow down in favour of being outside!