Wednesday, 26 June 2013


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Yes, I publicly admit it, I am addicted to Downton Abbey! I watched all three seasons in the 8 weeks that my hubby was away at school, and now must wait impatiently for season four.

BUT, I use it to support another addiction! I sew hexies as I watch............

Weeks 31, 33 and 34.

Katja mentioned that she would like my quilt for her display in August, so production has been ramped up.
Not only do I have to finish 18 more blocks...............
But I have to assemble the top and get all the paper out!

This is by no means the final layout, but I like looking at what I have done so far.

The gel nails is just purely a vain addiction, I love the way they look and feel and how strong they are. They are hard working, hexie assembling hands, they deserve a treat!
I love to change up the colours and designs each time I have them done, another creative outlet! These were done to match the dress I am wearing to my bestie's wedding on Saturday. 

The newest addition to our home gym is not destined to be any kind of addiction I am afraid. After 7 months of diet and exercise and 30 pounds lost, I have come to realize that exercise will always be something I HAVE to do, not something I love to do or could ever become addicted to. 
We have added the elliptical purely because I am bored to death of the treadmill!

It is pouring rain here today so I am excused from weeding the flower beds. 
It will be a day of creative pursuits instead! Yeah!


  1. I'm loving your beautiful, bright and fun hexies Margaret. Yes, ramping up is good to make your deadline.
    PS I agree about the exercise thing!

    1. I am enjoying the challenge, thanks for the push!

  2. I also love your hexies - the colors are fascinating. I really need to get back to mine...they have been neglected for some time now :(

    1. You are the last person to say they neglect hexies! Hope seeing mine gives you the boost to get going!

  3. Your hexies are looking good, as are you!