Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bike Club

What we have here I think, is the beginnings of a Peace River Electra bike club!
My friend just bought the lovely and fun "Sugar Skulls" edition!

She has not been on a bike since she was 17!

Have nothing creative to show again this post, but here is where my creative time has been the last few weeks, between cloud bursts!
It is just starting to bloom, will post more pics of it in it's full glory.

I had a bridal shower last night for my bestie and friends made these beauties for us!

I am really, really tired of these little beasts and the fact that they are the topic of conversation every where you go!!!
I did end up with a few in my back yard as one of the neighbour's trees is infested, but thankfully they are finally starting to cocoon and the grossness with soon be over!!!

My spring cleaning is done, having a garage sale next weekend, then I plan to be back in full on creative mode! 
Have a great week!

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