Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Am I Nuts?

It has been a summer of first caterpillars, then mosquitoes and now a massive invasion of grasshoppers, and I am packing to go north to black flies???
I have some hexies prepped, not as many as I had planned but realistically how many will I have time to do?

The reason I don't have more is that sometimes I just need to get other ideas out of my head!

I call this one "the evolution of a really ugly canvas"!

 Some stencils and selectively placed paint and it is something I am now happy with!

This one did not start out as a commission but ended up being one.

I had this started when a friend asked for something with a specific bible verse as a gift for her friend.

This friend is a relatively young woman (under's all relative!) with MS who will be moving into a new care facility opening in September.

"See" you after our big adventure to Yellowknife NWT!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


This past weekend was our 23rd Anniversary and we decided we would like to spend it in Drumheller.
The main attraction for us was NOT dinosaurs but the Great Canadian Badlands Passion Play. An amazing live outdoor depiction of the life and crucifixion of Christ. It was fantastic (albeit warm!) experience. The actors use the landscape to it's fullest, with them appearing and disappearing behind these amazing hills. The natural acoustics were fantastic. Our seat was quite near the crosses so we had a great visual of the crucifixion, which reduced me tears. 
If you ever chance to take in this production, DO IT! 

Hubby had never been to the hoodoos so after dinner we took a drive out there. It was a very quick visit, the mosquitoes literally had us running for the truck!
I did manage to capture a few shots before I had to go and scratch my at least one dozen bites!

I was last here 13 years ago and much has changed, new viewing platforms have been built with fences to keep people off the structures. Sadly they are greatly reduced in size, once those caps wear away, their lifespan is very short as they are mainly comprised of sandstone underneath. 

I am not the best photographer but sure loved how the next one came out!

We were so busy while we were there I did not complete a single hexie, but here is the last bit of progress
Weeks 38, 39, 40
12 to go!
I really want to knit so big motivation to keep working on them!
In 10 days or so we head north to visit Yellowknife NWT (we will cover AB almost south to north this summer!), so I will get the last ones cut out and glued and hopefully will have all 52 done by the time I get home!

Have a great week!

Sunday, 14 July 2013


I am absolutely going to finish these two quilts in the next quarter FAL, I am not allowing myself to start anything else until I do!!!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Old Friends

Last weekend I drove 1100 km to see the old gang from high school, some I have not seen in over 20 years!

Looking good ladies!
Thanks for the sun, fun and great food!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Zipper-one, Margaret-zero

First off, my July art journal calendar, yes it does have a pink hue, the ink on the maple leaves bled. 
And yes, I hand cut 31 little maple leaves!
I like it!

Finally getting back in the art room after more than a few weeks absence, this April's Donna Downey Canvas Create project.

I drew on the prepped canvas with masking fluid, had a little trouble controlling how much came out of the bottle but I think it will still be cool and effective once it dries.
This is just the first few stages, has a couple more to go.

Now the zipper nastiness! 
Two went in not bad, the middle one, not so much. Thinking I would not do this project again, but I think I have to just to win over the darn zipper!

 Polka dots and this swirly print are all from one piece of fabric I sun printed. 

Hexies week 35, 36, 37, 15 more to go!!

Heading off to BC for a little vacation with some high schools friends I have not seen in over 20 years!