Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Am I Nuts?

It has been a summer of first caterpillars, then mosquitoes and now a massive invasion of grasshoppers, and I am packing to go north to black flies???
I have some hexies prepped, not as many as I had planned but realistically how many will I have time to do?

The reason I don't have more is that sometimes I just need to get other ideas out of my head!

I call this one "the evolution of a really ugly canvas"!

 Some stencils and selectively placed paint and it is something I am now happy with!

This one did not start out as a commission but ended up being one.

I had this started when a friend asked for something with a specific bible verse as a gift for her friend.

This friend is a relatively young woman (under's all relative!) with MS who will be moving into a new care facility opening in September.

"See" you after our big adventure to Yellowknife NWT!


  1. This is so cool! I love the birdies

  2. Wonderful artwork - I love the "batik" with the quote.