Saturday, 17 August 2013

yes, more waterfalls!

This is Cameron River Falls on the Ingram Trail.

And this is my beautiful Stella after a swim in the lake at the bottom of Cameron Creek Falls.

A gorgeous view of Yellowknife from the Bush Pilot Memorial lookout

It allowed for a 360 degree view, yes, the sky looked like that every, single, day! 

The chippies drove my Sully dog nuts! He chased many up a tree, well no wonder if this is what they do when he is not around to guard the place! I started leaving them water every day after that!

We were barely home a day and started in on the re-sodding of the back yard.

And re-staining the deck, the upper un-sanded section has to come down and be rebuilt as some of the under structure is starting to rot.

It has been a rough week for me for various reasons so no more hexies were completed.
1-44 are now in the hands of Canada Post (egads!) and on their way back to Katja's for her hexie display later this month.

So I have turned to some other projects. These will be spray painted and then "artfully" decorated to sit on the aforementioned deck next summer.

Should have taken a few more "in process" pics of this one, but it was super fun and therapeutic to paint this all with my fingers!
Not quite done yet, digging dirt and rolling stain is slowing me down!

I am using the technique from this project to do another larger piece

Have a great week everyone, I hope to get some machine quilting done on FIP! projects so I can move on to making baby quilts!


  1. Love your photos of Yellowknife. I hope to make it there someday!

    1. We loved it! Reading about your travel adventures, you would love it too!

  2. glad that you have sent down some hexies. looking forward to seeing yours and all the others. I missed that program of Katja's - actually it was my stupidity but am doing the alphabet and numbers. Quite enjoying it and looking forward also to Katja's book.