Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Long Hiatus

How did three weeks go by with no new post???
I was away for the week surrounding Thanksgiving, having a great visit with family in BC. Since then I have been catching up on other less fun stuff than being creative.

In the meantime I surpassed 10,00 visits here on my humble blog, thank you so much for continuing to visit.

So............not much to show but I did finish the hat. I really like it, but, not on me, so it will be donated to the raffle table at the Festival of Trees.

And here is my entry to the Festival itself. It is coming together quickly and well, and I am really liking it. Hope to have the top ready for the quilter next week. 

Hope to return sooner than three weeks!


  1. Looking good, Margaret!
    They will love your quilt, and your hat turned out great.

  2. Margaret that hat is just awesome. Are you sure you don't like it?

    1. I really like the hat, just not on me! LOL