Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Busy, Busy

The last few weeks have just been a flurry of busy-ness, but this week's days off have given me a bit of time for catch up.

This is today's Christmas prep, my third and final round of baking shortbread. Some to keep, some to give away.

In the evening, instead of finishing those last 5 hexies, I have been knitting boot cuffs. The pattern portion fits inside the top of your boot, and the cuff folds over. Cute look without all the bulk!

Baby quilt #2, shower is tomorrow! This one was not on my FAL list as it wasn't cut out yet. Did not turn our very babyish just working from my stash, but I am hoping Mom and babe can snuggle under it together. Mom is due in January, the coldest month here in the north. 

Finally, after at least two months, I have found some time to play in my art room. This is the start of this year's Christmas cards, something totally new.........watercolour. Wish me luck!

Off to get the binding on that final baby quilt! So happy to have those off my to do list before Christmas prep totally ramps up!

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  1. I'm sure Mom and babe will enjoy the quilt and since it's not "babyish" the child will still enjoy it long after s/he's a baby! I'm a January baby too and it was always snowing and blowing on my Birthday (which was also my grandmothers with my brother's just 2 days later) - I can't even count how may sleep over parties were cancelled due to the weather!