Thursday, 12 December 2013

Time Flies

Where did two weeks go again?!?!
I always seem to be too busy for my own good.
Now we are full on into Christmas party/pot luck season and I seem to be continually making food and changing into party clothes.............not that that is a BAD thing.

I am happy to have these boxes and cards done and on their way to my beloved friends and family.

The last of the work baby quilts is done! And this is my second finish for FAL Q4
Here is the original post

I have finished knitting the boot cuffs and look what has reappeared on the coffee table for evening TV work??
Good grief, how could I get stalled out at the last five??

This crazy too complicated knitting project has also resurfaced. 
Too twisty and crazy for a tired evening brain

 Have not been in my art room for months so have been enjoying a little time in there this week making mason jar candles for little gifts.

These are mine tho!

After a bit of paperwork and housework I am headed back to the sewing room to get caught up on Linda's stash buster quilt along, think I am 4 behind again.


  1. Lol! Your life seams as crazy as mine. To many projects, to little time!

    1. you are telling me it does not get better with retirement? Oh, dear, I am in trouble then!

  2. Very nice quilt Margaret. Good for you for finishing. I keep starting things!