Tuesday, 28 January 2014

All in a Week's Work

So happy to have my top finished from Linda's Stash Buster blocks. The layout was inspired by this quilt on the Freshly Pieced Modern Quilt blog.
Going to get the back pieced and hand it off to my friend Chris to quilt when she has time (and stops travelling for 5 minutes, lucky girl)

And I seem to be a mitten maniac lately. Thumbs need lots of practice but I am loving making these! Have lots of bits of yarn I can use up making them for the mitten tree at church.

Thanks to everyone one who has and is still stopping by from Grow Your Blog, it is working, my blog presence is growing! Linking up today with Let's Bee Social!

Off to the mailbox to see if that scarf yarn has finally arrived and I can get that finished up too!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Grow Your Blog

Hello, my name is
and I am linking up with Grow Your Blog 

I have been blogging here at Pieces of My Heart for about 2 1/2 years. I starting blogging as a way of sharing and documenting the things I love, the things closest to my heart.
I am an avid quilter, over 30 years now, but I also love mixed media art, knitting, my family, my pets and travelling, so you see little bits of all of that here.
I live in northern Alberta, Canada, where winter prevails for a good 5-6 months of the year. Gives me lots of indoor time to pursue my creative passions.

One of my goals for this year was to increase my blog traffic so I have been linking up with a few other blogs and it is wonderful to hear from new readers. I really love looking at my stats to see where people are visiting from. 
So, leave me a comment telling me where you are from and I will enter you into the draw for these goodies from my stash. You have until February 15/14 to be eligible.

I am also looking a block swap to join this year and hope some visitors can lead me to some options.

Finishes for Friday

The hat is now winging it's way to it's new owner

AND, my first pair of mittens! I see now from the picture I forgot the make sure the thumbs were the same size, and sadly, they are too big, but I love them and will wear them anyway!

 My layout for all the blocks from Linda's Stash Buster Quilt Along.
I don't have enough room to get the whole thing in the shot (and the dogs knocked a bunch of the lower row blocks down with their tails) but you get the idea. 
I had to reject one block that was too small, I have plans to make that the label, and make two more but I am happy I found a way to use them all in one top.

I hope to get this top pieced before the end of the weekend so hubby can hold it up outside for a better photo op.
 Thanks for stopping by. 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


I am amazed some weeks that I make any progress at all ! Most weeks keeping up with housework, my exercise regime and volunteer work feels like all I accomplish.

But last Saturday our guild had a sewing day and I made lots of progress on this FAL project.
I need to get my hexies down off the design wall so these beauties can show off a little better. 
Linking up with Work in Progress Wednesday.

Have a layout plan for these babies, sure hope to get the background pieces cut out this week. Need one more block as well to make it work, so need to get that made too.

I have insomnia this week so this is the result of staying up too late. 
Knitting and watching TV. 
My very first pair of mittens!
Have the thumbs now figured out so that is next, these ones will have an open thumb. 

These ones will have full thumbs and a flap. Hope to be able to show off both pairs by Finish it Up Friday!

Linking up again with Let's Bee Social, the quilting tool I could not live without would be my rotary cutter. I learned to quilt before they were in existence and will never go back!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

WIP Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday. Yes, I am having fun linking up with other blogs, one of my 2014 goals is try to increase my blog presence a bit. 

Among many other WIP's, here is what currently has my attention. 

Have been going full speed ahead on this crazy twisty scarf, but came to a screeching halt last week when I ran out of yarn. The store I bought it from had no more, so I am awaiting shipping of an online order.
It is riddled with errors but I am still going to love wearing it when it is done!

So I started this in the meantime, just a few more rows of decrease and it will be done. Have to go hunt down the double point needles as is too small now for the circular. It was requested by my daughter for her  step sister, who spent most of their Christmas visit trying to steal hers. I have now knit this hat five times, and practice does make perfect........best one yet.

A bit of progress on one of my FAL projects

Blocks 19

and 20

 done for Linda's Stash Buster QAL, eagerly awaiting Sunday when  we see some layout ideas. 

Off to find those needles! Have a great week. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2014 FAL

I really enjoyed the challenge  of FAL 2013, as it pushed me to finish a few of my many UFO's.
I look forward to doing it again this year,


Here are my UFO's for the first quarter of 2014 FAL 

#1 one has been sitting on the shelf forgotten until someone brought one by the same designer to show and tell at guild. Reminded me that I had this hand applique beauty languishing and not being enjoyed. 
I started quilting it New Year's Day (and have already picked half of it out, ahh, that one step forward, two steps back process is oh so humbling!)

#2 gets forwarded from my 2013 list, sure hope it does not make it to a third annual retreat!

#3 I bought at a garage sale for $10, already sandwiched. The previous owner had started to hand quilt it, but I will finish it with machine quilting. The intention all along is that is goes to charity when completed.

#4 is another one forgotten and languishing on a shelf, might be pushing it to get #2 and this one done in this quarter, but it is good to have goals to shoot for!

If you read my previous posts, you will know that I am setting some creative goals for myself this year. One of them is to work on my blog to try to increase the traffic and comments a bit. So, today I am linking up with Lily's small blog meet, which she hosts for just that reason, to help us little guys get a bit bigger.
I also added her button to my site, first time I have been able to get one of those to work!

Hope to see you back here tomorrow to click the link to the 2014 FAL, always a very impressive array of UFO's on display.
Yes, quilters are all the same! 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions?

I long ago gave up on keeping New Year's resolutions so I never make them anymore.
It is more about setting goals for me, but again not something I am really good at as I am always disappointed in myself when I fail to keep them.

Last year saw me reaching my goal of losing 40lbs, super hard work, with some set backs but I stuck with it and plan to keep at it (read, must get Christmas weight off!)

2014 has not started off the way I had hoped, may as well get the set backs out of the way early right? My word for this year is "positive", as in, be more. I find as the days get shorter and darker so does my mood, I really need to work at staying more positive. 

At my friend Carole's recommendation I decided to buy this book from Leonie Dawson. I plan to really dig in and set some awesome goals for myself, personally and creatively.

My final finish for 2013 FAL! Original post is here
This project is from The Add A Stripe guild workshop by Margie Davidson, in the fall of 2012.

FAL 2014 does not open until Jan 8, so I will be back with my next UFO's then!

linking up with Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts