Sunday, 2 February 2014

February Goals

As the calendar turned to February I found myself reflecting on how I did with my January goals. Perfectionist that I am was disappointed to only see half the things crossed off my list.
So, enter negative thinking, but, my word for the year is positive?
I also tried to practice patience for the month of January, but clearly have trouble extending that to myself, no? Maybe my list was overly ambitious to begin with?

So, I spent some time thinking about the positive things that happened in January. 

I made my first three pairs of mittens! You can see them here.

This top is ready for the quilter,

some significant progress on the beauty,

as well as this guy,

 8 pages completed for my Belize scrapbook,

technically not a January finish as I finished it last night, but SOO happy to have this done and ready to wrap around my neck tomorrow.

A close up of the braided twist of each section.

Also, my blog traffic tripled this month, thanks to lots of visitors from some great linkups!

I have decided that progress is good, so that is what I am focusing on for February, rather than finishes.

I have nothing on the needles right now, so this week I will stitch together row 1 of the hexie quilt

February will also be a face drawing a day, I am still trying to find my own style, so I will be trying lots of different ones. This one happens to be Manga inspired.

And I really want to make this up for our trip in March so there will be one new start!

Linking up today with Lily Quilts small blog meet

So, here's to progress and not being so hard on myself!


  1. Don't be hard on yourself. I bet you spent many hours on the computer blog hopping with the GYBP, like I did and still am.

  2. Over from Lily's quilts. ( hopefully helping your Feb stats get off to a good start!) you have so many talents! Don't be hard on yourself, sometimes you get loads done, others you feel like the months fly with nothing getting done. Swings and roundabouts. Just make sure you enjoy it as you go! :)

    1. Thanks! I do appear to have accomplished quite a bit, but got sidetracked off the list!

  3. Just popping in to say "hello".Love all your work and am intrigued by the scarf!

    1. Hi and thanks. Scarf is a pattern I bought off

  4. Love your scarf.....I think you have accomplished a lot. The snowmen are very cute too.