Saturday, 8 February 2014

Inch by Inch

Try as I might I just could not stay away from the knitting!
Another challenge, lace, and a challenge it is!
I have never ripped any knitting out so much as this.
I think I have the hang of it now, far from perfect but an acceptable first try.
It will be the cuff of a mitten...........eventually.

In the short time I did abstain from knitting I managed to get the first row of my hexie quilt pieced. The second row is about half done. 
With the Olympics on I hope to get lots of hand work (TV watching) of some sort done.
Linking up to Hexie Friday (yes, I know it is Saturday!)

And the snowmen are all quilted, but much to my disbelief I had nothing in my stash that would work for a binding. I am hoping the less than optimal fabric store up the street will have something that will work.
Hope to get it done in time for show and tell at guild on Tuesday.

This pile of ironing, the only kind I like! is this year's Festival of Trees quilt. Every year I say I am going to start early and dang it, this year I will! 

So far I have kept up with my personal face a day challenge, even if I forget until I am brushing my teeth before bed! She is probably my favourite so far. 

Hubby is making french toast for breakfast so I am off to take my coffee to the TV to watch some Olympics while he cooks. Sure hope women's hockey is on!


  1. many talents. Love them all.

  2. Isn't it funny how ironing fabric is enjoyable, but clothing is a chore? Your knitting looks complicated - so beautiful!

    1. it worked! Yah! yes, the knitting is complicated, came close to giving up, but I am WAY to stubborn to let two sticks and some string win!

  3. I agree with Billie, OMGoodness. You have been busy! Love the face challenge. You will have to share more of them.

    1. Thanks Linda, I will but not all are share worthy!

  4. Love that hexagon row - some really unusual ones in there. Like your BESM girl, too.