Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Mitten, mitten

I really seem to be smitten with mittens right now. The lace cuff pair are finally finished, not sure what happened but the left turned out bigger than the right and the right fits so nicely!

This is the next pair, pretty basic pattern now but it has thrums!! How cool are they?
They are twists of carded wool that you knit right in.

and it gives you all this lovely soft, warm fluff inside! (Sorry for the glare, can't wait for my good camera to finally get back from being repaired!). She said you need lots of thrumbs, make what you think is enough then make lots more. She was right, I am not half way up the first mitt and I have to stop and make more thrumbs.

And the continuing saga of the purse, why must purse pattern instructions be so convoluted? Some real photos and not just drawings, need to be included so a person has a better idea of what exactly it is they are trying to do looks like! 

Hope to have it pretty much finished by tomorrow.
Then I need to drag out a UFO to work on at guild sewing day on Saturday.

On the countdown to vacation! 


  1. Wahoo for vacation! How exciting! I hope you have an amazing time! I agree about the purse patterns! I just cannot figure them out! I love your mittens! Stay warm!

  2. Your mittens do look lovely! And the thrums, I had never heard of. At first I thought you had misspelled thumbs! Ha, ha! I have never tried making a purse or any kind of pouch or bag. So you have my sympathy. I guess vacation time can't come soon enough!

  3. I think the mittens look amazing--I could never do those! And the thrums. . . so interesting. Look at all the amazing things I learn from hanging around quilters!

    Elizabeth E.

  4. Love those mittens. I was going to say how great the green pair was but the pink pair with the thrums would be sooooo warm, I might have to pick them.

  5. Your mittens are so cute. I have never knitted, only crocheted. I have only made simple totes. When I am ready for a purse I will take a class at my LQS.

  6. The lace cuff mitts are very pretty. I've not done thrums but they look fun!

  7. Looks like you have been knitting your fingers to the bone!