Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Oldies but Goodies

 This retirement gig is awesome! I love having time to sew almost every day. 
So I am digging into the UFO vault for some real oldies. This is my oldest, 1986, hand pieced, I did not own a rotary cutter or a lovely big ruler. The templates were all from cereal boxes and pieces were all cut from scissors. I wanted to do a lovely big modern setting but alas, not enough fabric. 

This paper pieced stain glass is "freshly off the frame" and it is at least a 2002 vintage. LOVE having it ready for binding and display. 

Close up of the lovely gold thread pantograph used.

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Hope you are all having nicer weather than our +2C and snain 
(snow+rain) as my friend Carole calls it!


  1. The paper pieced stained glass brings back memories! LOL! Looking good.

  2. Both quilts are super! Love that gold quilting. Really sets it off! Good for you finishing up some WIP's from way back when. Sorry to hear about the snain. Ugggg!

  3. If you think retirement is all about sewing every day, you haven't been retired long enough! LOL These days I am busier that when I worked full time, and I never seem to have time to sew or to blog for that matter. Lovely oldies you have pulled out there.