Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sunny, sunny day

Yesterday was the best weather we have had all spring, it peaked at +18C!
I wanted to get these projects sandwiched, but I REALLY wanted to be outside.
So I figured out how to do both! 
I dragged everything out to the patio table, turned on my audio book and got to work.

Then I got started on this! Just a fraction of what there is to do but it felt good to finally get started on it.

Then I sat in my swing and worked on this Owlie Sleep sack, so quick and fun to work up, and there is a little matching hat as well. 

Close up of the cute little cabled owl 

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  1. Wow you got a lot done. I'd be afraid to take my projects outside to work on them. Too many trees. With my luck, a bird would poo all over a finished quilt top.

  2. That was a very productive day! I'm glad you showed the closeup of the owl. Adorable!

  3. How cute! I pinned that on Pinterest : ) good idea to baste outside

  4. You were a busy bee! All those quilts basted up, yard work and knitting? WOW! You were sure enjoying a beautiful day in the best way! Love that cabled owl!