Friday, 25 April 2014

Time to Freshen Up

A UFO of a different kind.
I have one of those extra large ironing boards and have not been able to find a replacement cover, so I decided to make my own. The fabric has been sitting for a year! I have a large rectangular board that fits over top, so I have been able to ignore the ugliness! I used the old cover for a pattern and within an hour I had the new cover made. Threading the string for tightening it around the board took the longest.

 Now maybe I should start contemplating that large basket of ironing..........notice I said start?

This finish is a secret that I will share next Friday!

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Have a great weekend, sure hope it warms up here so we can get outside and enjoy "spring".


  1. Getting the basket of ironing done is really over rated! LOL. The new cover looks great.

  2. Clever you! If the ironing has been in the basket for six months, I give it to the thrift store --wrinkled!
    ; )

  3. It's silly how we stall to do a project and then it only takes an hour. Ironing is a whole different story. I do as little as possible not matter how long it would take!